Kohl’s is awarding scholarships to deserving children

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
By Abbey Khan
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Do you know a deserving child who volunteers his time to make a difference in his community? If so, here’s your chance to reward him for his altruistic work through the Kohl’s Kids Who Care scholarship program.

Kohl’s is giving away $350,000 in scholarships and prizes to 2,000 deserving kids ages 6 to 18. Just go to KohlsKids.com to nominate a child until March 15, 2009. Two nominees from over 900 Kohl’s stores will win a $50 Kohl’s gift card; 190 of them will win regional scholarships worth $1,000 towards their post-secondary education; ten volunteers will be awarded scholarships worth $5,000 towards their post-secondary education; and Kohl’s will also contribute $1,000 to a non-profit organization on behalf of each national winner.


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