Save $5 on “Drop Dead Diva” Season 2 DVD

Monday, May 09, 2011
By Julie Wiegan

DROP DEAD DIVA: Season 2 is now out on DVD and you can get it at a discount. Just visit Coupons.com HERE to save $5 when you buy the set now!

Just when Jane Bingham is ready to move on from her former existence as a shallow wannabe model and accept her sudden reincarnation as a plus-size, brilliant attorney, she gets thrown a whole new set of curves, including a hot love interest, the shocking arrival of her “secret” husband, the discovery of a half-sister and a career-threatening courtroom showdown. Once again, Jane must chart a bold, new future for herself

While you wait to get your DVD, check out the new season of Drop Dead Diva, Sundays on Lifetime.

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