2008 Spike TV Video Game Awards Gift Lounge

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
By Abbey Khan
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You may have seen all the fun celebrities had at the Spike TV Video Game Awards on Sunday, but what you didn’t see was all the amazing gifts they walked away with from the Distinctive Assets gift lounge.

Guests were greeted with a sturdy ASTRO Transport series game bag to put all their goodies in, which included cool tees, tanks and hats for men and women from Billionaire Mafia, Golf Junkie, Carboard Robot, Glamour Kills, and Lana Fuchs dresses and scarves.

Since the show required a lot of energy, celebrities got a boost with American Blast, a new natural energy drink that provides 6 hours of energy without making them feel jittery. But if they were in the mood for something a little stronger, they could mix it with Jagermeister to make a Jager Bomb or just have it alone. And for a little sugar fix, Tammie Coe Cakes provided delicious cupcakes and molasses cookies.

They were also the first to take home the coolest and newest gadgets to hit the market such as noise canceling headphones from Coby, a voice interactive alarm clock from Moshi, and digital performance eyewear from Gunnar to help combat digital eye fatigue while on the computer, Blackberry, iPhone, or enjoying the latest X-box game.

Whether they’re vacationing on a tropical island or hitting one of the local SoCal beaches, now they can take a pop-open beach shelter from Da Surf Hut with them instead of the usual umbrella and chair. It’s big enough for celebs to relax in with their latest fling while hiding from the paparazzi, it keeps the wind out, and they can still enjoy a nice sunny day without being exposed to its harmful ultraviolet rays. They also received Niu Island Skincare, a moisturizing treatment made of pure virgin coconut oil that helps rejuvenate fine lines, and it can also be used as a makeup remover or a lubricant for women.

Photo by Judith Orr

All photos by Judith Orr


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