Battle it out with Heidi, Spencer, and Kim

Thursday, August 28, 2008
By Abbey Khan
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Heidi vs. Sspencer

Duke it out with a friend, a foe, or a celebrity with the new boxing game Facebreaker from EA Sports Freestyle. Just download your own face and your opponent’s and start throwing those punches. You can even upload the images and share with other gamers across the globe. Wanna know what you’ll look like, check out these screenshots of Heidi and Spencer fighting each other, and Kim Kardashian! Facebreaker won’t be available until Friday, September 5th at midnight, but start making that list of everyone you want to battle it out with today.

Kim Kardashian

Which celebrity would you like to battle it out with?


3 Responses to “Battle it out with Heidi, Spencer, and Kim”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Just one!? There’s a few that I’d like to knock out.

  2. KimKimfan Says:

    Bet Kim can knock Heidi and Spence out in one blow.

  3. Julie M. Says:

    LC can referee Heidi and Spence. And then she can fight the winner.

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