Sex and the City 2 story lines revealed

Friday, April 10, 2009
By Abbey Khan
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Even the girls from Sex and the City aren’t immune to the recession. In the second movie, Samantha will have to downsize her lavish lifestyle as she deals with money problems. A source told MSNBC, “The proposed storyline for Samantha will be her having to downsize her big-spending life after some of her investments get wiped out. You will see her having to survive on a more modest budget but still staying true to her fabulous taste.” Big will also lose money and this will affect his relationship with Carrie. “Big loses a lot of money and takes a job in London, living alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Big gets really low and ends up in bed with another woman. After she leaves him Carrie discovers she is pregnant.” There’s only one problem, Chris Noth, who played Big on the series and first movie still hasn’t signed on to star in the sequel. The film is scheduled to be released in May 2010.


5 Responses to “Sex and the City 2 story lines revealed”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Even if Chris Noth doesn’t sign on, I think they can still work around it and have Carrie go to Aidan for comfort. He’s so hot and I’d love to see him back!

  2. Posts about movie as of May 12, 2009 | Shirasmane Says:

    […] goal line. You have two choices;  give up or keep fighting your ass off to defeat your opponent Sex and the City 2 storylines revealed – 04/10/2009 Even the girls from Sex and the City aren’t immune to the recession. […]

  3. renn Says:

    just get george cloony… close enough… or even better

  4. Catherine Dallas Says:

    If Chris North doesn’t sign on,whats the point in watching?I mean really,its all about Mr Big, the story evolves around him and even if it doesn’t he is sooooooooo HoT!!!1

  5. anonymous Says:

    heyy ho how could u make such a discusting movie!!!

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