Time Magazine’s worst dressed celebrities of 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
By Sara Moore

1. Anna Wintour in Chanel at the Costume Institute Ball in May.
2. Janet Jackson in a Versace catsuit on her Rock Witchu tour.

3. Christian Siriano in a gold shirt at the “Sex and the City” movie premiere in New York.
4. Gwyneth Paltrow flashes her undergarments in a Antonio Berardi dress at the “Two Lovers” premiere in Paris.

5. Kate Bosworth attends a Chanel event.
6. Beyonce visits the MTV studios in New York.

7. Katie Holmes wears her own design to the opening night of her play “All My Sons” on Broadway.
8. Paula Abdul at the ALMA Awards.

9. American Gladiator Don ‘Hollywood’ Yates in an outrageous outfit.
10. Madonna in Louis Vuitton at a Gucci UNICEF dinner in New York.

Which outfit do you think is the worst?


4 Responses to “Time Magazine’s worst dressed celebrities of 2008”

  1. MIchelle McCormack Says:

    Since when is Time in the fashion game? At this point, whatever sells magazines, right?

  2. walid Says:

    I like janet forever & i love you & i imagine for you janet

  3. Hollywood Russ Says:

    Why was Madonna wearing Luis Vuitton at a Gucci function? She looks a bit like a hula dancer. Have she and Jean Paul Gautier parted ways? She needs to get a bit more sedate in her evening wear. After all, she’s almost old enough to be a grandmother. I’d love it if Lourdes got pregnant! Seriously though, I’ve lost all regard for Madonna ever since she bought into Kabala. So many worthy causes that she could toss her untold millions at and she chooses a cult that feeds her voracious ego. She’s an abomination from top to bottom.

  4. Fashionstyler Says:

    I love Katie Holmes outfit !its awesome !

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