Movie Review: 2 Days in New York

Friday, August 10, 2012
By Abbey Khan
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A follow-up to 2 Days in Paris, French photographer Marion (Julie Delpy), now lives in a New York City apartment with her boyfriend, hip talk-radio host and journalist Mingus (Chris Rock), their cat and two young children from previous relationships. When Marion’s jolly father (Albert Delpy), her oversexed sister, and her sister’s outrageous boyfriend stay with them while visiting NYC, it initiates two unforgettable days of family mayhem. As Mingus finds out, the French are just a little too open, and the clash in cultures really tests their relationship.

Recommendation: B-
Not that you have to, but I rented 2 Days in Paris a few days before seeing this film. 2 Days in New York is definitely a funnier film due to the fact that it is set in New York. What happens in France should stay in France, but since it doesn’t, the differences in culture combined with Marion’s eccentric family will have you laughing.

2 Days in New York is out today, August 10, 2012 in select movie theaters and on VOD.


One Response to “Movie Review: 2 Days in New York”

  1. judy Says:

    Will have to check this one out. I loved ‘Before Sunrise’

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