Agyness Deyn is a leading lady and not a Pusher

Friday, October 26, 2012
By Abbey Khan

We’ve seen Agyness Deyn on countless magazine covers and runways, but today we’re talking to the supermodel about playing the female lead in the new drug dealing drama Pusher. The film is an English-language remake of the 1996 Danish film of the same name by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn.

FUSHION: You’re the leading lady in Pusher, was this a role that came to you or did you pursue it?
AGYNESS DEYN: I read the script. I auditioned for it and then I went in and met Luis the director and they offered me the part. When I auditioned I was hoping to get it because I had fallen in love with Flo and I really wanted to play her.
FUSN: Did you have to go in for a few auditions or did you just go in once?
AD: I originally went in for a smaller part, Danaka, but when they saw my audition tape, they asked me to come in again and that’s when they asked me to read for Flo.

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FUSN: This film is a remake. Some actors and actresses like to watch the original while others don’t so that they can make the character their own. Did you watch the original before filming?
AD: I didn’t. Luis asked us not to because he was making an adaptation and there were so many things that were different. Especially since Flo was so different in the original, I suppose it was beneficial for me not to watch it.
FUSN: So how did you make the role of Flo your own?
AD: I found it really interesting the two things about her– her home and her work, it was like playing two different characters. I wanted to emphasize that– this angelic childlike quality that she carries, this optimism and hope. And then her work, why she’s like that and why she chooses to do this job. I loved how complex she was.

FUSN: You have a very successful modeling career, did you always want to pursue acting or did you just fall into it?
AD: I modeled for so long and I wanted to go into something that was still creative. When I started acting it was like I found it, so that was exciting. And then, it was like, literally, okay now, I have to work harder to put in the time and effort to deliver what it takes to do the job.
FUSN: When you say, you had to put in the time and effort, did you do this by taking acting classes?
AD: I took a few but it was basically learning on the job, learning on Pusher, putting in the work to research it, and be the best that I can be in the role.

FUSN: Did you parlay anything from your modeling career into acting?
AD: I suppose having the camera in your face for 12 years kind of prepares you for having the camera there in a different way.
FUSN: Do you prefer one over the other?
AD: Well, I suppose since I’ve been modeling for so long I learned to ride that bike and I wanted to learn something else and I was excited to be challenged in a different way.
FUSN: Since you like to be challenged, would you consider doing something else in the fashion or entertainment industries, such as designing or writing or even directing?
AD: I love to tell a story and with acting you’re telling a story and you’re part of a story, and with modeling, you’re telling a story in some way. Writing and directing is just another form of that and I think that would be so exciting to explore.

FUSN: Now that you’ve transitioned into acting, are there any actresses you’re dying to work with?
AD: Like Meryl, Meryl Streep. I remember watching Sophie’s Choice and just being like holy shit… she’s so incredible. She always changes roles and it’s such a journey, she’s always overcoming something in such a profound way and I love that.

FUSN: You’re very well known for your fashion sense, what trends do you like for this season?
AD: I think in the moment it always seems kind of more of the same. I love the way Audrey Hepburn dressed, there was an androgynous quality about it but also a girly quality. I feel like I’m starting to gravitate more towards that, like a tomboy that has a girly edge.

Pusher is currently available on Video On Demand and opens in theaters in Los Angeles and New York today, October 26, 2012. The film is directed by Luis Prieto and also stars Richard Coyle and Bronson Webb.

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