Elektra Luxx answers everything

Monday, February 21, 2011
By Tricia Stevens
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Ready to have some of your sex questions answered? Well, you’re in luck because Elektra Luxx is ready to answer your questions.

Check out these two online exclusive clips for the soon-to-be-released film starring Carla Gugino as the former porn star, Elektra Luxx. She deals with the delicate issue of a white married couple giving birth to a black baby and the unique fetish of naked floor scrubbing.

White Daddy, Black Baby clip:

Naked Floor Scrubbing clip:

Elektra Luxx opens in select cities on March 11, 2011 and also stars Marley Shelton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timothy Olyphant, Malin Akerman, and Emmanuelle Chriqui. The film is the second in the series written and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez.


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