Movie Review: Holy Rollers

Friday, May 21, 2010
By Abbey Khan

Hasidic Jew Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) had his future planned out, or so he thought. He was following his parent’s wishes by studying to be a rabbi in his Orthodox Brooklyn community and was arranged to marry a young woman only at the age of 20. But his life heads in a new direction when his best friend’s older brother and corrupted neighbor, Yosef Zimmerman (Justin Bartha) tells him he can make easy money by transporting ‘medicine’ from Europe to the United States for Jackie (Danny A. Abeckaser), an Israeli dealer, and his beautiful girlfriend, Rachel (Ari Graynor). When he learns that the medicine is really illegal drugs, he decides he wants no part of it, until the family of his bride-to-be turns down his marriage proposal. Sam returns to the drug smuggling business, where he is finally able to think for himself and demonstrate his strong business skills. He quickly becomes intoxicated with the luxurious lifestyle and the fast money, but his secret life as a dealer tears his family apart, and its up to Sam to choose between the drugs and his faith.

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Recommendation: B+
Jesse Eisenberg convincingly plays innocent to lost soul and Justin Bartha stands out as the bad boy who you love to hate and at the same time cheer on. The subject matter itself is very interesting and the fact that it is inspired by actual events makes you want to see the double life of the people in this community.

Holy Rollers is based on true events in the late nineties. The First Independent Pictures film is Rated R and comes out in select theaters on Friday, May 21, 2010.

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