Movie Review: Hubble 3D

Friday, March 19, 2010
By Abbey Khan

In May 2009, seven astronauts boarded Space Shuttle Atlantis to make repairs and upgrades to the Hubble Space Telescope. Since 1990, the telescope has provided images of the universe and on its fifth service mission, known as STS-125, an IMAX 3D camera accompanied the crew to document their mission in the movie Hubble 3D.

Hubble 3D gives you a real perspective on how our small and fragile planet exists in a volatile and constantly evolving universe,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, who narrated the film. “It reveals the beauty and complexity of space and its vast possibilities.”

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According to producer and director Toni Myers, who also brought audiences Space Station 3D, this mission was caught on film because it came just at the right time. “We had filmed Hubble before, prior to its launch, and covered some of the first repair mission in 1993, but it had only sent back a few images at that point so we never had the opportunity until now to display its full potential. When you visit the website and see those incredible pictures you start to think about how they would look on the big screen and how people would react, and that’s how the project came into being. This is what IMAX was made for, to take people where they could never actually go, and it’s what I find so satisfying about making these films.”

Recommendation: A
Since most people will never get to see the universe first hand, Hubble 3D allows you to experience the adventure through the eyes of the astronauts. Even though, it’s only 43 minutes long, the film provides footage that no textbook can ever emulate.

Hubble 3D opens in select IMAX theaters worldwide on March 19, 2010. Please visit for locations.

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