Wuthering Heights

Monday, September 10, 2012
By Julie Wiegan
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British director Andrea Arnold (Film Tank) does a fresh take on Emily Brontë’s classic novel, Wuthering Heights, which follows Heathcliff (in Arnold’s version, a black boy played by James Howson), who is taken in by a Yorkshire farmer, Earnshaw. Living in Earnshaw’s home on the windswept moors, Heathcliff develops a passionate relationship with the farmer’s teenage daughter, Cathy (Kaya Scodelario), inspiring the envy and mistrust of his son, Hindley (Lee Shaw). When Earnshaw passes away, the now-grown characters must finally confront the intense feelings and rivalries that have built up throughout their years together.


One Response to “Wuthering Heights”

  1. Lizzy Says:

    This trailer has proven all of my doubts about this adaption wrong! The cinematography is stunning, and matches the tone of the book perfectly. A co-worker at Dish also pointed out that the actors look to be the closest in age to the characters that they are portraying. To prepare for this premiere, I have been watching the other versions of this story with Blockbuster @Home. With my busy schedule, I like that it is so easy to order the DVDs by mail, or exchange them in the store if I can’t wait. In comparison to the adaption’s I have watched so far, this version stands out the most. I can’t wait to decide for myself whether or not the bold artistic choices worked for the better, or worse.

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