Get the Skinny on Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009
By Sara Moore
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Halloween is just a few days away, so we enlisted the help of Skinny Mixologist Teresa Marie Howes (Author of Skinnytinis: All the Fun & Half the Calories) to show us how to make some spooky, delicious and easy drinks with zero calorie and sugar free Skinny Water.


Candy Corn SkinnyTini (Orange Colored)
133 Calories
2 oz Vanilla Vodka
2 oz Orange Cranberry Tangerine Skinny Water
1 oz Diet Ginger Ale
Candy Corn Garnish


Black Cat SkinnyTini (Black Colored)

148 Calories
2 oz Black Vodka
2 oz Acai Blueberry Skinny Water
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
Pipe Cleaner Whisker Garnish

Purple Potion SkinnyTini (Purple Colored)
150 Calories
1 ½ oz Mandarin Vodka
½ oz Blue Curacao
2 oz Raspberry Pomegranate Skinny Water
1 oz Diet Cranberry Juice
Dry Ice Garnish

  • 31

One Response to “Get the Skinny on Halloween!”

  1. selenar Says:

    awesome recipes!! def going to try this

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