Khloe Kardashian gets slim with QuickTrim

Thursday, September 10, 2009
By Abbey Khan
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We sat down with Khloe Kardashian to talk about her recent with the new diet product QuickTrim, her new show “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” and her surprising dream job.

FUSN: There are different QuickTrim products, which one did you choose to lose weight?
KK: Right now I take the Extreme Burn and Iíve been taking it maybe 4-5 weeks. At first I tried the 48 Super Diet Detox. Itís a lemonade based flavored drink which jump started my diet initially. So Iíve done both of those but the Extreme Burn I take every single day and thatís what Iíve been consistent with and thatís whatís been working for me right now.
FUSN: And how much have you lost?
KK: Almost 25 pounds.


Image courtesy of Judith Orr

FUSN: You look great! Are you done or do you want to lose more?
KK: Iím taking the Extreme Burn still because itís now helping me tone. Itís not a product you take just to lose weight, it also tones and gives me energy. I take it in the morning before I work out, and it gives me more energy to work out but I donít feel jittery, I donít feel like Iíve taken 11 cups of coffee. I gradually increased, I took only in the morning the first week and a half or 2 weeks, and then I started taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night between lunch and dinner because it just maintains me from not overeating. It doesnít make you not hungry, itís not a suppressant like that, it just makes you have more portion control. My eyes are bigger than my stomach so if I see food, it all has to go into my mouth, but if I take QuickTrim, it makes me a portion control, which is my biggest problem, I love food. This helps me to not do that. I like the energy I have off it too, but Iím not dependent on it, Iíll take it through the week and sometimes during the weekend Iíll not take it.

FUSN: Have you tried other diets?
KK: Iíve had food delivered to my house. Iíve tried Slim Fast, Iíve tried other diet pills and I have felt jittery off other diet pills and I felt like my mouth was always dry. With this, I donít feel that way, and with this I can take on an empty stomach too, whereas with a lot of things you canít, but everybodyís body reacts differently to caffeine and this does have caffeine in it, so I would start by taking one pill then gradually ease up, but I never lost 25 pounds before off any diet system and I still work out. Iíve always worked out, and the only difference Iím doing is taking QuickTrim, and itís working for me. You can see the difference in my body.
FUSN: You know what, I saw you last year at the Viceroy Hotel at an event you and your sisters were hosting and you looked great. I just didnít think that you needed to lose weight.
KK: Iím tall and 5í10íí so I can hold weight more than a petite person but I was also good at hiding my weight. I wore a little babydoll dress and it hid my stomach and thatís where I hold my weight. Iím 25, and now I can dress like the way a 25-year-old should. Itís not like I was dressing old but I was always so cautious like I gotta hide my arms or gotta hide this. When people are like “you lost weight, you look amazing,” I feel amazing. Iíve never been like I have to weigh myself, I have to be like I donít know 120 pounds. I donít know what my weight is suppose to be, I just know how I feel and I like working out, I like seeing muscle definition.

FUSN: Whatís your workout regimen, because obviously you canít just rely on the pills?
KK: I get really bored working out, so I constantly have to do something different. I like to work out in the mornings, otherwise Iíll get lazy and not do it later. One day Iíll do an hour of cardio, then Iíll switch it up, and do an hour of weights. I never do the same thing twice because I get really bored. Boxing is my favorite workout, and I go on hikes with my little sisters at least three times a week because itís really fun and you donít realize that youíre working out and then it builds your leg muscles because youíre hiking up all these trails. Iím blessed to be around mountains like that, so I can.

FUSN: How did you get involved with QuickTrim?
KK: My mom introduced me to the product. Her friends brought it to her and Iíve always complained about my weight and my mom said why donít you just try this. She knows Iíve tried everything; she use to bring me other products before. It did so well for me that Kim tried it. She just wanted to lose a couple of pounds and she had different body issues than me that she wanted to overcome and see results in. She and I have two different body types and it worked for both of us and Kimberly is so happy with her results.
FUSN: Do you know how much weight Kim lost?
KK: I think eight pounds but Iím not sure. I know she got rid of her celluliteóthereís a cellulite cream, which I want to try. Kim looks amazing. I know sheís more comfortable and more toned. I know it got rid of the last little bit that she wanted to get rid of. The thing thatís cool is that we were both so happy with it, that we wanted to endorse it and talk about it. It just so happened naturally, we were just telling all of our friends about it, that I guess by word of mouth they started hearing about how much we were talking about it and how much we were promoting it that they signed us up.

FUSN: Didnít you just have another medical scare?
KK: I have a history of skin cancer so I get my moles removed all the time and I had another one removed.
FUSN: Don’t you wear sunscreen?
KK: I do but I never lay out. Iíve had skin cancer three different times but I get moles removed three times a year, maybe. If Iím out of the country or on vacation, Iíll lay out, but in L.A., I never lay out. Iím much more paler than my sisters, Iím just prone to it, I guess. TMZ kind of blew it out of proportion. They just caught me leaving the medical building. I was frustrated because I had to do it at 6:30 in the morning, itís personal to me. Itís a real medical thing, itís not like Iím getting botox. I just thought they were insensitive, this is my body and I donít want people knowing my business… whatíre you going to do?

FUSN: Your show “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” just debuted and earned the biggest ratings in seven years on E!, obviously youíre in L.A. right now, so youíre not filming. Are you going to have a second season?
KK: We donít know. It depends if it gets picked up, Iím sure it will. We would love to. Filming in Miami was probably one of the most fun times ever. I think because it was all so new to us and in L.A. there are so many more restrictions on where you can film and what you can do. In Miami, you can let loose. You can film on the beach, thereís so much more to do.
FUSN: Is Scott going to be part of the show now that Kourtney is pregnant?
KK: I have no idea. I mean thatís up to Kourt, but I really donít know, but Iím sure.

FUSN: Are you still going to keep filming ďKeeping Up With the Kardashians?Ē
KK: Yeah, we start filming season four on September 15th, so Iím excited about that. And weíre definitely still going to be on it, weíre definitely always intending to do both shows. Theyíre just totally different shows in my opinion. Oneís very young and kind of crazy. And the other oneís still crazy and fun but itís more family based.


Image courtesy of Judith Orr

FUSN: So what are you doing on your time off from filming the shows?
KK: I havenít really had much time off because weíve been promoting so much. Iím still working, doing a lot of press. Weíre moving our Calabasas clothing store to L.A. in the Melrose Place area in the next month. Weíll probably be done with that in the next two months, so thatís where our focus is right now. I had a radio show, so Iím talking about doing a couple of more shows out here while the season is still on.
FUSN: What is your radio show about?
KK: Itís called ďKhloe After Dark.Ē Itís from 12-4am. Itís more like Iím a female Howard Stern, itís very honest and open. I like to have celebrity guests on there that have normal issues that regular people do so they can call in and talk about it.

FUSN: Have you always been into radio? How did this come about?
KK: Well, Iíve always wanted to do radio, this was my first time ever doing it. I want to be a talk show host one day, so I always figured radio was a natural progression and it would warm me up to be comfortable interviewing people. Itís still doing it live and interacting but itís not on tv, itís kind of a delay. This is my first time trying it. Ryan Seacrest and Clear Channel gave me the opportunity, and it was a six week trial run, but itís doing really well and because of the show, there was a demand for it, so I might get to do a couple more shows and hopefully it will be syndicated. It was only one day a week but thatís all I can really do right now. Itís the craziest hours, but Iím different in how I talk, I curse and I say crazy things so I kind of need those hours but I was so appreciative to even have that opportunity.

QuickTrim is available at GNC stores and online.

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