Make your home look well-traveled

Wednesday, July 07, 2010
By Tricia Stevens
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Maybe you haven’t traveled the world, but you can still bring the world into your home! Andrea Evans, interior designer and owner of shares her tips on how to decorate your place to make it look international.

Try different colors
Bring in colors such as black, white, royal blue, emerald green, crimson, and gold into a room using accessories that include pillows, lamps, painting a wall, and upholstered furniture, which can bring glamour and style to any type of space.

Look for black and white postcards, sepia-tones photos, paintings, and etchings to make a room feel like you are living in an international city or town.

Furniture and accessories
These do not need to match the elements in your room. Find furniture and accessories that look old and used at antique stores or flea markets.

European flair
For a European feel, large clocks on a wall can be a focal point in a room. Look for clocks that could be reproductions or shows a scene in the background. It doesn’t even need to work. It just has to look great!

Window treatments
Flowing drapery panels, linen or toile panels over shutters or blinds can accessorize any type of room.

Accent with black
Using black as an accent color can unify any element in a room. Bring black into your home using picture frames, fabrics, lampshades, and painted wood furniture. Make sure to do this without making things too dark.

Light fixtures
Bringing a chandelier into a room can help reflect a romantic glow. You can also add beads, fringe, and cording to simple lampshades to change a look of a lamp.

Carving on furniture can be touched up with a burnished gilt to accent any type of architectural detailing from a certain destination.