E! Entertainment Special: Katy Perry

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
By Tricia Stevens
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In the new E! Entertainment Special: Katy Perry, learn everything about the singer from Perry herself and her siblings, David and Angela, friend Bonnie McKee, manager Bradford Cobb, record producer Glen Ballard and many more.

Perry grew up as a middle child in a strict and religious home in Santa Barbara, California and moved to Los Angeles as a teen. Over the next few years, she was signed and then dropped by two major record labels, struggling to make ends meet, and saying prayers for checks to clear until she was finally re-signed by Capitol Records.

Perry also talks about how she met her now husband Russell Brand by throwing an empty water bottle at the actor during rehearsals for the MTV VMA’s in an effort to grab his attention. “It was like a modern day Cupid,” Perry says. “And it just landed right on his head and he looked over. And I was like, ‘Hi,’ you know. I think it was kind of like, ‘you’ve met your match,’ but I didn’t say that, of course. But that’s when the flirting began.”

E! Entertainment Special: Katy Perry airs on December 29, 2010 at 10pm PST/EST only on E!


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