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Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Abbey Khan
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Sick of his useless ways. Don’t get mad, get him Man Skills: Everything Men Need (Or Just Want) To Know. This simple handbook answers all the “how to” questions most men are afraid to ask.

• Start a fire with two sticks
• Hit a carnival hammer (and make the bell ring)
• Tie a bow tie
• Carve a Thanksgiving turkey
• Pass yourself off as some kind of wine buff
• Bleed a radiator
• Fix a leaky faucet so it stays fixed
• Blow a smoke ring
• Undo a bra using only one hand


Just in case his reading isn’t up to par, Man Skills also has illustrations for the trickiest maneuvers. He’ll go from novice to pro once he’s done with this book. Hey, you may even want to borrow it from him and sharpen your own skills., $12.95.


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