2011 Emmy red carpet hairstyles

Monday, September 19, 2011
By Sara Moore

Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii created Emmy nominee Gwyneth Paltrow‘s look for this year’s show. He called her style “straight edgy” by taking a straight look and disheveling it to create soft texture.

1. To begin, Babaii took a small amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil and massaged it into the hair prior to blow drying.
2. After the hair was completely dry, he parted her hair down the middle and divided strands into 4 sections (sides, crown and nape).
3. To straighten, he used the IT&LY HAIRFASHION 1″ Digital Flat Iron with even temperature control. He started at the nape working up toward the crown and sides.
4. To finish and create movement, Babaii added an additional amount of Pequi Oil to his hands running it through her hair and scrunching to create this “straight edgy” look.

“We wanted hair to look elegant and chick, but still modern and sexy with tons of healthy shine,” Brian Magallones said of Naya Rivera. “She chose to wear her hair up to accentuate the beautiful neck line on the dress.”

1. Magallones first straightened Rivera’s naturally very curly hair.
2. He used the Frizz-Ease® Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula to protect her hair and boost shine.
3. Once hair was straight, he used a 1-inch curling iron to put a light natural wave back into the hair.
4. He then secured hair into a mid-height ponytail (not too low, nor too high).
5. He lightly teased the ponytail, and then formed a chignon by twisting and pinning with hairpins around the base of the ponytail. The goal here is to keep it slightly imperfect, but not too messy, just giving it some texture.
6. The look was finished off with the Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hairspray, and lots of Frizz-Ease® 100% Shine® Glossing Mist to keep hair shining throughout the night.

“Jane is wearing a gorgeous J. Mendel silver dress tonight and to complement it, we went with a modern twist on an old-Hollywood look,” Creighton Bowman said. “I would call it textured elegance.”

1. Bowman first applied Frizz-Ease® Straight Fixation® Smoothing Crème from root to end on Jane Krakowski‘s towel-dried hair.
2. He then did a blowout using a Mason Pearson flat brush and proceeded to use a 2-inch jumbo curling iron to add some texture and shine to the hair.
3. He back-combed the crown, gave Jane a side bang, and used the curling iron to curl the ends of her hair.
4. Instead of curling every piece, he chose a chunk of strands (about the size of a silver dollar) and curled the sections in different directions, which simply bent the ends to give a modern edge.

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Great tips :) very useful, I’ll try it