2011 Golden Globe red carpet hairstyles

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
By Tricia Stevens


Famed celebrity hairstylist David Babaii created the looks for both Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock by drawing from vintage hairstyles from the 60’s and 70’s. For Nicole Kidman, Babaii went for a 70’s feel.

1. Apply a small amount Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment (Available March 2011) to damp hair.
2. Create a full side part and section the hair for control. Babaii’s favorite method is to divide the head into 4 sections (top, sides, back leaving the nape area your starting point).
3. With the IT&LY HAIRFASHION blow dryer and a medium round brush, Babaii says you can achieve straight hair while infusing volume by using only a blow dryer.
4. After drying each section straight, apply an additional amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to the lower portion of hair.
5. Divide the strands into 6 large sections and wrap each one around a round brush.
6. Blast each section with hot air to create the curl followed by a shot of cool air to set the curl in place.
7. Gently release the curl creating soft defined waves.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock brought the 60’s back with a full bang and textured ends.

1. Apply a small amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to damp hair.
2. After blow drying hair straight with a paddle brush, section the hair separating the bang area first then clipping the sides and back.
3. Starting at the nape reapply an additional amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to each section creating the maximum amount of shine while flat ironing the hair completely straight with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’S Digital Flat Iron.
4. For the bang area, flat iron by turning the iron slightly under creating a soft cupping affect.
5. To finish, apply some of the oil to hands warming slightly and running hands over the top to smooth flyaways and define the piecey texture to the ends.

Vetica gave Scarlett Johansson a glamorous updo inspired by the sophisticated photographs of 40’s and 50’s fashion photographer, Lillian Bassman.

1. To create a feeling of movement and volume at the back of the head and height at the crown, blowdry hair with Moroccanoil Treatment to smooth texture and ensure shine and flexibility.
2. Direct the hair back and away from the face and bring it back to the nape of her neck, and then up and towards the crown.
3. Curl small sections of hair starting at the nape of the neck and up towards the crown using a 2 inch curling iron. Once you reach the crown, curl the hair back from the face.
4. When finished, you should have a tight set of curls throughout her hair, all directed up and towards the crown.
5. Set curls with a good spray of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.
6. Vigorously brush the hair through, again directing it up and away from the face, up from the neck towards the crown.
7. Give the whole look a well-defined backcomb to create a directional shape– again bringing the hair up and away. Then, use Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to give the hair a soft, movable hold.
8. Attach two brooches worn as hair clips (Vetica used 1934 Flammes brooches from the Van Cleef & Arpels Private Collection) to round off the look by keeping the sides of the hair close to the head.
9. Gently brush through the top of the hair to smooth out the curls and give it a wave.
10. Backcomb at the root of the crown for height.
11. Spray the hair with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to set the look and finish with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for natural-looking shine.

Hairstylist Andy Lecompte was inspired by the Armani Prive gown Megan Fox wore to create old Hollywood waves.

1. Apply Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse before blow drying.
2. Set hair using a 3/4-inch barrel curling iron and then pin curls.
3. Release the curls.
4. Brush out hair and give the hair a deep side part.

Laini Reeves created a soft 20’s mood for Golden Globe nominee Amy Adams.

1. Wash hair with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo. Follow with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner to leave hair smoother, frizz free and easy to manage and style.
2. Apply Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream while hair dries, from root to end, to give soft hold while further smoothing the texture and adding definition and shine.
3. Rough-dry the hair with hands to get the water out and create a bit of a messed up texture with a slight touch of wave for a more modern, free look.
4. Air dry hair except at the roots, where a blowdryer should be used.
5. Use a 1″ curling iron to make curls in different parts of the hair that need to be filled in and then smooth and blend them in.
6. Make a side part and prepare some pieces from the front of the hair to frame the face, pinning them in an S-shape and away from the rest of the hair.
7. Gather and pull back rest of hair, make a loose braid that doubles up, roll upwards and pin at the nape, with the cross texture side of the braid showing. Use five thick bobby pins to secure the style in place.
8. Release the S-shaped sections in the front and pin them behind the ear to open the face up and show off cheek bones.
9. Spray the look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to keep everything in place with movable shine, without looking like it was sprayed.

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