2011 Oscar beauty trends

Monday, February 28, 2011
By Sara Moore


We’ve got the hair and makeup how-to’s straight from the stylists for these former Oscar winners as they walked the red carpet last night.

Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii gave Nicole Kidman a “Playful Ponytail” with a hint of Bridget Bardot.

1. He first began with clean hair and then applied Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment.
2. Next, he sectioned off a bang and cut a French fringe to frame the face.
3. Babii then blowdried Kidman’s hair with the IT&LY HAIRFASHION Ionic Dryer and a large round brush. At the bang area, he gently bumped the ends under.
4. After the hair was dry, he applied an additional amount of Pequi Oil to create a smooth and shiny surface.
5. To begin the “Playful Ponytail” updo, he used his hands to sweep the hair into a ponytail creating a slight bump at the crown and securing with a band.
6. To finish the French fringe, Babaii added additional Pequi Oil to his fingers to define.

David Babaii also created Sandra Bullock‘s look.

1. He started with a clean canvas by rinsing all the shampoo and conditioner from the hair.
2. After gently towel drying, he applied Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to the hair, using a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product.
3. Then, he dried her hair with a round brush for a smooth finish.
4. Once dry, Babaii applied additional Pequi Oil and brushed her hair straight back.
5. Using the IT&LY HAIRFASHION Digital Styling Iron, he took random half inch sections starting at the front and twisted the hair. Once the strand was twisted, he took a flat iron and pressed down the entire length of the strand to set a wavy texture in. He then allowed each strand to cool and released itself naturally. He continued taking half inch sections throughout the front half of her head until he achieved enough texture.
6. When completed, he applied more Pequi Oil to his hands and finger combed the hair back into a ponytail above the nape area.
7. He then wrapped her hair around the band and secured with bobby pins allowing any loose hairs to fall naturally.

“My inspirations were the romantic, elegant styles worn by Hollywood film icon Grace Kelly, though this is very modern, not retro in any way,” said Hollywood stylist Robert Vetica, who created the look for Hilary Swank.

1. After cleaning the hair, he blowdried her hair with Moroccanoil Treatment.
2. After curling small sections to give the hair a bit of wave and texture, Vetica separated the hair from ear to ear below the crown and pulled it back.
3. He then backcombed this entire back section for volume and sprayed it for a soft, natural hold with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray. He lightly brushed through on the surface and put this section in a loose ponytail and secured it.
4. He then lightly teased the sides and backcombed the top section above the crown, with more attention to the root, spraying Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray on this one as well, and unified the two sections.
5. Vetica made a tight ponytail at the base of the crown. Since he had so much hair to work with, he took three sections, sprayed each one again and interwove them to create an asymmetrical chignon. He emphasized more volume and secured the chignon slightly to the left of center.
6. He pinned the platinum and diamond hair accessories asymmetrically, one on each side of the chignon. The first slightly above the ear, and the other slightly below the ear on the opposite side.
7. He finished by giving the entire style a light spray of Moroccanoil Glimmer ShineSpray.

Makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen made Marisa Tomei glow at the show.

1. He first used the Anastasia Highlighting Crème Duo in St Tropez dipped into the crème blush and applied it in gentle back and forth sweeps across her smiling cheeks. (Pro tip: smiling makes the job mistake proof, because it helps the blush go where it’s supposed to).
2. Using the same brush, he dipped into the highlighting crème and brushed the tops of the lips and nose with the illuminating fluid, giving the skin a translucent and smooth look.
3. For the brows, VanLeeuwen filled and shaped her brows with Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil in Brunette and created a few feathery strokes in the brow and to define the bottom edge of the brow. He then took Anastasia Brow Duality Pencil and placed a bit of the matte highlighter just at the arch of the brow. The total effect was ultra defined and crisp brows that perfectly frame the face.
4. Moving to the eyes, using the Anastasia Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette 1, he dusted the soft pink sorbet shadow all over the eye to brighten and tone the skin. He then took Illumin8 Palette 3 and blended the mauve shade into the crease to create the perfect shade of orchid. Next, he lined the eye with a thin line of black pencil and smudged the sparkly blue/black shadow from Illumin8 Palette 3 into the lashline to create a softer, smokey eyeline. He finished the eye by curling the lashes and applying two coats of Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara.
5. He completed the look by applying Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss in Sangria.

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nicol kidmen her dress is EXCELLENT and SINGULAR and SUPERNATURA and verry verry PROPORTIONATE and MEMBER is COMMENSURATE
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