Static Be Gone

Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Abbey Khan


It’s winter and all of the sudden your hair is in static mode. Celebrity hair stylist Stephen Lewis, whose clients include Tori Spelling and Winona Ryder, tells us how you can get your hair back into place.

“If your shampoo has a very high detergent level or if you’re overwashing your hair, it creates static,” Lewis says. “Instead, wash hair every three days or you can even wet it everyday, just don’t shampoo everyday.” He recommends Giovanni’s Magnetic Energizing Shampoo to completely wash away residue and Magnetic Restruxturizing Conditioner to give hair shine and fullness. They contain ionic properties that helps eliminate frizz and static, especially during the cold months.


Ionic therapy is nothing new – it has been used in hair tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and hair brushes. “Ionic has changed the way we do hair,” Lewis says. “Ionic blow dryers help hair dry faster, shinier and silkier because it works from the inside out. It dissolves water molecules into the hair, so it’s like getting a conditioning treatment every time.” Lewis counts iTech’s Ionic Tourmaline Professional Hair Dryer as his favorite, and he recommends using the iTech Handmade Ionic Carbon Combs when flat ironing for smooth, static free strands.


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