Anti-aging solutions for all ages

Thursday, August 19, 2010
By Sara Moore


Say no to plastic surgery and age gracefully with a little help from your doctor. Renown dermatologist, Dr. Neil Sadick, believes there’s a lot women between the ages of 25 and 55 can do to look natural while delaying the signs of aging. His top advice is to visit a physician who respects a natural look and doesn’t himself look pulled or pinched. Here are his other tips for women of all ages:

Problem: Battling acne, sun damage, unwanted hair
– VI Peel: natural peel, with little to no down time. Great for people with mild acne, facial discoloration (dark/light spots) and fine lines around eyes and cheeks
– Omnilux: red and blue light emitted diodes (LED), this is a low level light energy system that is intended for acne treatment, skin texture enhancement and acne scar improvement
– Pro-Wave Hair Removal: system for unwanted hair removal. It’s painless, effective and works on all skin types. requires a few treatment sessions with permanent hair reduction

Problem: Unwanted cellulite, appearance of leg veins, and the beginning signs of wrinkles
– SmoothShapes: combines light energy and massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite or bumpiness on the outer thighs, buttocks and legs
– IPL: light source improve the skin discoloration such a redness, brownish discoloration and yellowish tinge that is frequently seen in women in their 30’s
– Laser Genesis: laser based platform that offers skin tightening without any surgery. it takes a few treatments to see the results
– Foam Sclerotherapy: state of the art treatment for leg veins that are mostly bluish to green in color. the veins that get treated disappear for ever.

Problem: Unwanted pounds, sun spots, and wrinkles
– Fraxel Dual: laser treatment for wrinkles and fine lines on face, neck and upper chest. one of the most commonly used treatments for skin rejuvenation with minimal to no down time.
– Smartlipo: laser assisted liposuction or fat reduction. it is an invasive procedure that utilizes a laser fiber to melt the fat by heating. the procedure also provides skin tightening as part of healing from the procedure
– Pearl: laser resurfacing system that is intended to remove brown spots, reduce pore size and smooth fine lines from a facial skin that is otherwise in good health. 2-3 day downtime
– Thermage: radiofrequncy device that helps to tighten the skin with minimal to no downtime. it is painless and in most cases requires only one treatment. it helps to improve skin laxity in areas such as lower abdomen, underarms, neck and of course, face

Problem: Want to keep skin tight and smooth and fat to a minimum with no surgery
– Sculptra: injectable substance used for facial volume restoration. it is widely used to restore the facial architecture, cheek bone enhancement and to smooth out the facial hollowness that happens with aging
– Radiesse: calcium based filler used to smooth out the smile lines and area around the mouth for a better contoured chin structure. Radiasse can also be used to restore cheek volume loss
– REfirm: laser platform that helps to restore the skin elasticity. its used to tighten the skin especially when surgery may not be an option
– Zeltiq: non-invasive fat reduction device that helps to reduce the unwanted fat in flanks and lower abdomen by selectively cooling it. it takes approx 45 mins for treatment and 4-5 sessions are required over a period of time.

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