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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
By Abbey Khan

All you want to do is get gorgeous in the morning, and not worry about burning yourself with the flat iron, or taking twice as long to blowdry your hair, or doing your makeup over again because it smudged. Check out these gizmos that will let you focus on your beauty routine.

Hot Iron Holster
So you need the counter space for your hair and makeup products, so where do you put your flat iron or curling iron while it’s heating up? That’s where the Hot Iron Holster comes in. Just slap this baby on to the edge of the counter, table, dresser, wherever you’re getting done up, and place the hot iron products in there. This roomy pocket is heat resistant and is made of 100% silicone. You can even use this to store your blowdryer if you want to. Go girly with either the pink or purple colors or classic with the black and white holsters., $24.95.

Blo & Go
Instead of fussing around with your blowdryer next time, use both hands to achieve the style you want. The Blo & Go is a stand that holds your blowdryer and frees up your hand, so now you can finally get the back of your hair to look like you didn’t forget about it., $29.95.

Eye Make-up Fallout Protector
Don’t you just hate it when you’ve applied your foundation and concealer perfectly, but then you see specks from your eyeshadow or mascara smudges under your eye. No reason to start all over or avoid these products, just use the Eye Make-up Fallout Protector to avoid makeup mess under the eye. This portable gizmo also doubles as a stencil for applying eyeliner and you can even use it on your eyelid to avoid mascara smudges up there too., $19.95.

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Monica Strang
9 years ago

I’ve purchased the Hot Iron Holster and LOVE it!! I use it every day for my flat iron. It’s very high quality and cute too. Brilliant idea!