Get these GAME OF THRONES braids for summer

Friday, June 13, 2014
By Julie Wiegan

Do something adventurous with your hair this summer with these Game of Thrones braids. Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Jason Dougherty shows us how to create this braided hair seen on Daenerys on the show.

game of thrones braids hair how to

1. Split hair down the middle and part out a section around the temple of the head to be used for this top braid.
2. Place a light gel or serum like Shu Uemura’s Touch of Gloss on the crown for shine.
3. Then create an inverted braid along the head on both sides and connect in the back.
4. Prep the remaining hair with Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray.
5. Start a Waterfall Braid along the head on both sides and connect with the first braid.
6. Finally, use a curling wand to curl the hair.
7. Use your hands and a comb to backcomb the hair for this textured messy look. Place an ornate necklace as a headpiece for an added touch.

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