International Women’s Day: Be a man to protest unequal pay

Friday, March 07, 2014
By Abbey Khan

Apparently there’s something ugly about being a woman, that’s why we’re teaming up with the Swedish union group ”Kommunal” and hope all women around the globe will join us in protesting unequal pay by temporarily becoming a man today, March 7, 2014, which is International Women’s Day.

international womens day be a man

See the picture above, that’s Annelie Nordström, President of Sweden’s largest trade union Kommunal, who temporarily transformed herself into a man. The Be a Man campaign highlights the ridiculous fact that the easiest way for a woman to get equal pay is to become a man.

Here are some facts you should know. According to The Global Gender Gap Report, published by the World Economic Forum, Sweden ranks fourth, globally when it comes to providing men and women with equal pay. However, the wage gap is still significant. Swedish men earn $682 more per month than women, or $10.8 billion per year. Measured in time, men only need to work until 3:52pm, while a woman has to work until 5pm to earn the same amount. Swedish women earn only 82 % of what the nation’s men do.

Check out this short video above to see Nordström’s amazing transformation.

Ladies, please use the smartphone app or visit to create a male version of any photo of yourself. The image is then shared across social media sites on The International Women’s Day, creating the largest protest against inequality ever.

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