No More Plastic Faces

Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Sara Moore

Going under the knife is a thing of the past. The latest advancements in cosmetic procedures can take years off all without being cut up.

Dr. Yan Trokel, a New York maxillofacial surgeon created The Y-Lift, a cosmetic procedure that can take more than 10 years off a woman’s appearance.

Trokel strategically marks the face to fit a moldable cheek form, and then injects hyaluronic acid on each side. The result is an instantly lifted face, an accented jawline, and cheek bones that are defined and have a blushing effect. The Y-Lift lasts 18-24 months with no bruising, swelling, anesthesia, or downtime.


Look 5-10 years younger and get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, freckles and sun spots with the Micro Fractional CO2 Laser, aka the MiXto Laser. “I’ve been waiting twenty years for a CO2 laser that resurfaces skin but has very little down time and this laser is it. I strongly believe that it will forever change the way laser resurfacing is done,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida.

Prior to the MiXto Laser, the UltraPulse CO2 Laser revolutionized skin resurfacing, but it left patients with a prolonged redness that took several weeks to a few months to dissipate while redness from the MiXto Laser lasts only five to seven days. The MiXto Laser costs approximately $4000 for the entire face, $2500 for the eyelids, and $3500 for the entire mouth.

Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, who has transformed the smiles of Hollywood A-listers such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and the cast of Desperate Housewives believes teeth whitening is the best way to look younger. “As we get older, our teeth turn yellow and if you smoke, drink coffee, soda, or wine, this accelerates the process,” he says. Dorfman recommends seeing your dentist to achieve a brighter smile instead of using over-the-counter products because they do not work on people with bonding, veneers and crowns and can result in two-toned teeth. Zoom!, a popular teeth whitening procedure administered by dentists takes only 45 minutes and the result is an average shade change of 8 shades lighter. Also available at the dentist’s office are take-home kits such as Day White and Nite White. These whitening trays give the same results as Zoom! but take approximately 2 weeks and require more of a commitment. Day White is worn twice a day for 30 minutes and Nite White is worn while you sleep. Either way white teeth is the key to a younger looking smile.


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