Ponytail Mania

Thursday, July 05, 2007
By Abbey Khan

Look stylish and keep cool on hot summer days with these ponytail trends by celebrity hairstylist Hasblady Guzman of Bokaos salon.

One of Guzman’s favorite looks is the Mohawk Ponytail, which is often seen on rock icon Gwen Stefani. After hair is completely dry and straight, section off the hair at the crown, clip on top of head and leave alone. You should have two sides from the temple remaining. Use a 12″ elastic band to pick up both sides and smooth out with a comb or brush. Use one hand to wrap one side around the other four times. When it feels tight enough, make a knot and secure. Use a brush to tease the hair on the top, then gather in the back and secure with bobby pins.


For a more dressed up look, Guzman recommends using your eyebrows as a guideline. Make a line from the left to right brow and pin this hair on top of the head to use later. Brush remaining side sections together, and use an elastic band going around the ponytail three times. Now use the hair on top and bobby pin it flat or poof it up for a little more volume, then secure with bobby pins. For a sleek or wet look, apply pomade on the sides, top, and on the ponytail.


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