This is the year to keep your New Year’s Resolutions!

Monday, January 11, 2010
By Tricia Stevens


According to Brook Noel, life management expert and bestselling author of the new book The Make Today Matter Makeover, more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by late February. This is because most people see resolutions as another pressure in their already pressure-filled lives. Here are some of Noel’s tips for keeping your resolutions:


Aim for improvement, not perfection
Many people make rigid goals such as exercising everyday for 20 minutes or drinking 60 ounces of water everyday. Everyday is a lot of days! When setting a goal, it’s important to optimize your opportunity for success and also create the opportunity to exceed your goal. If you set a goal for 7 days per week, it is impossible to exceed the goal. Instead, set a goal for 5 days or less per week.

Take control of your time
Schedule the time you will need to complete your goal on your planner. Obviously, this goal is important to you or you wouldn’t have set it. Respect this “goal time” as you would any other appointment.

Be accountable
Whether it is an online group, a friend, a coach, a doctor, a spouse, or a child – share your goal plan with someone who will hold you accountable. You can visit for online groups and programs to help you stay on target.

Inventory your obstacles
There is a quote that states if we wait for the right time, it never comes. The truth is that we are unlikely to hit a long space of time where we can focus on our goals without obstacles and interruptions. Instead of using interruptions and obstacles as an excuse to “back off a goal,” create a notebook for listing obstacles and interruptions. Brainstorm solutions and options for as many as you can. As you hit more obstacles (which is part of any process) add them to the list. Brainstorm solutions with others if needed.

For any goal, we need to have the physical and emotional energy to keep us motivated and moving forward. Remember to take care of yourself through food, diet and relaxation so you have the stamina to pursue your goals.

Encourage yourself
Recognize each small step you take forward by keeping a daily record of your progress. Write down even the littlest of steps. One of my favorite Chinese Proverbs is: “Be not afraid of going slowly, be only afraid of standing still.” Instead of looking at what you haven’t done yet, review this notebook regularly and pat yourself on the back. There is no quicker route to goal-abandonment than a bad attitude.

Revise… don’t abandon
If you hit a road block and go off track in your goal, don’t abandon your goal and wait for “another time.” Instead, sit down and revise your plan, using the knowledge you have gained to create a more concrete plan for the next time around. What separates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t is perseverance. I have created more than 2 dozen goal plans to reach a single goal– each one carried me a bit further than the last. When we persevere, we will get there.


Noel is hosting a FREE 5-day Facebook Workshop (January 11-15), which is based on her popular online course Transforming Resolutions Into Reality. Click HERE to join!

Here’s a quick outline of the program:

DAY 1: Ready, set, Goal!
Noel shares the crucial formula for creating a successful goal. Participants will apply these principles to choose a goal for 2010.

DAY 2: Visualize Success
Noel shares how seeing is believing when it comes to goal-work. Participants will learn the science behind visualizing and affirming a goal and begin to create a visual goal map.

DAY 3: From Vision to Plan
With our goal firmly in mind, we turn our attention to creating an overall big-picture goal plan to takes us from point A to point B.

DAY 4: The Goal Zoom-lens
Participants continue to work with their goal plan and learn how to create manageable monthly, weekly, and daily steps to guide them toward success.

DAY 5: Action, Attitude and Energy
Noel shares how attitude, action, and energy lead to long-term success and provides tips for maintaining motivation and high-energy as participants get ready to embark on a journey to make their goals a reality!

Learn more about Brook Noel or The Make Today Matter Makeover or

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Mike Caldwell

There are a lot of good points in this article. I like the point in the “Inventory” section, and it is this point that makes me question NY resolutions in the first place. Why do people wait until New Year’s to decide to make changes in their lives? What is so special about January 1st? I realized back in November that I wasn’t doing enough to market my book and the wedding services we host here. Did I wait until January 1st to remedy these problems? No, I got to work on those issues right away because they were important… Read more »