Bruce Willis celebrates Sobieski Vodka

Saturday, July 31, 2010
By Abbey Khan


Bruce Willis stopped by the famous Hotel Roosevelt in Los Angeles on Wednesday to celebrate Sobieski‘s “Truth in Vodka” webisodes. As part owner of the premium brand, Willis stars in a series of webisodes with Sobieski’s CEO, Krzysztof Trylinski, where they poke fun at the marketing tricks and trendiness of other vodka brands. The webisode series is entitled “Bruce Has Ideas” and can be viewed at

Willis started off the party with a few words, “Have a great time tonight,” and then joked, “Be careful in Los Angeles.” DJ Morse Code provided music for the event while guests lounged around the pool and enjoyed Sobieski cocktails, cheesecake lollipops, scallop bacon, chicken fingers, and many other delicious appetizers.

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los angeles dj
10 years ago

One more thing I’ve gotta try, move over Grey Goose!