Celebrities enjoy Valentine’s Day and pre-Oscar suite

Friday, February 13, 2009
By Abbey Khan


At Los Angeles’ famous Cafe La Boheme, celebrities attended a Valentine’s Day and pre-Oscar suite where they took home goodies perfect for both occasions. Melanie Griffith, Rumer Willis and Tia Carrere were just a few of the stars who stopped by.

Camille showed off her latest crystal Swarovski hand painted dresses from her Flawless line, which Paris Hilton and Beyonce are big fans of. You don’t have to get married to wear a dress from Mon Amie bridal salon that offered women gift certificates for a free customized designer dress to attend special occasions or to wear to their own wedding. For the man who wants a suit tailored just for him, Tom James was there to dress some of the Oscar presenters as well as celebrities such as Antonio Banderas and William Shatner.

The women had their pick of jewelry, which included one-of-a-kind handmade pieces from Colette, handcrafted diamonds from Mexican jewelry designer Elena Jimenez whose creations were worn by 12 of the nominees at this year’s Grammy’s, and Liz Alpert jewelry, which includes Love & Gratitude sterling silver and onyx cufflinks for men and magical jewelry for women such as the Magical Light collection, in which the pieces are charged by the Bimini stone for heightened intuition, empowerment and clarity of mind. Inspired by jewelry, Clara Kasavina gave away beautiful handmade handbags embellished with Swarovski crystals, beads, and semi-precious stones. Mimi Shooz introduced their new line of comfortable high heeled sneakers that come in animal prints, gold, and plaid, just to name a few. Speaking of comfortable, when celebrities need to relax their feet and still get a workout, they can turn to Ryn. New to the U.S., these wellness shoes help the blood circulate and tone muscles while walking. They come in men’s and women’s sneakers, sandals, and even Mary-Janes, which are for women of course.

When celebrities can’t get a professional blowout, they can now blowdry their own hair with ease. The Blo and Glo attaches to mirrors and countertops, allowing them to place their blowdryer and start styling hair with both hands. But if they did need to get their hair done, Eric from J Beverly Hills who has worked on the coifs of Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian invited them to his salon. Seacret skincare, which is made with Dead Sea minerals, introduced their new age defying line and even had a men’s line because they need to take care of their skin too. Original Bombshell gifted their hand sugar scrub, hand creme, and body lotion while Hollywood Pin-Ups gave away products from their all natural vegan line. For long lasting makeup, Lip Ink guarantees their lip colors, eyeliner and brow color won’t rub off. If they need a little nip-tuck before the big day, It Works! helps suck it all in. Whether, it’s on the face, arms, or thighs, it works!

When these celebrities are ready to take a romantic vacation, they can head down to Sedona Rouge in Arizona, have something to drink from Prowood Wine Spirits, eat delicious Mignon Chocolates, light up the room with Aglow soy candles that are outlined with crystals, sea beads and bugle beads, get intimate with kissable oils from Kama Sutra‘s Oil of Love gift set, and rehydrate with one of Aqua Mantra‘s logo waters, such as “I Am Loved.” And just in case they have trouble falling asleep, they can use the Glo to Sleep mask to put them in dream land.

Celebrities also enjoyed the delicious food thanks to Cafe La Boheme’s Executive Chef, Christine Banta, who created the menu. While shopping, they nibbled on mouth-watering appetizers that included lobster crepe, grilled fillet mignon crostini, lamb skewers with cucumber mint sauce, and vegetable spring rolls with house made plum sauce and Chinese mustard sauce. When it came time to sit down and eat, they filled their plates with grilled asparagus with local burrata, fresh basil, aged balsamic vinegar and Tuscan olive oil; fusilli with roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato, kalamata olives and fresh herbs; sesame crusted tofu steak with broccolini and soy ginger sauce; and assorted tea sandwiches which included curry chicken, cucumber and pickled onion, ham and gruyere, egg salad and caviar, and smoked salmon. And the dessert platter was pure heaven with butterscotch pudding parfait, huckleberry financier, Valrhona chocolate cake, mixed berry tiramisu, meyer lemon crème brûlée, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and biscotti.

Celebrities also took home a gift bag that included a Lane Bryant $50 gift check and necklace, $500 gift certificate to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Leif Rogers, gourmet honey from Honey Pacifica, certificate for a free phone consultation with nutritionist Tina Ruggiero, Zevia natural soda, and True Religion perfume.

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[…] writer wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFor long lasting makeup, Lip Ink guarantees their lip colors, eyeliner and brow color won’t rub off. If they need a little nip-tuck before the big day, It Works! helps suck it all in. Whether, it’s on the face, arms, … […]

Eric Schiffer Fan
10 years ago

Rumer Willis looks weird in that photo.

Dorothy Graville
10 years ago

@Eric – hey, Rumer may look weird, but still captures the camera’s attention!

What’s with females wearing bowler hats? Masculine-feminine confusion? It’s like girls that wear suit and tie deals – it may look *kinda* cool, but it really blurs the gender issue.