Celebrities get HollyWOOF A-List Doggie Gift Bags

Friday, August 28, 2009
By Julie Wiegan

This morning pet-loving celebrities woke up with a special delivery at their door. Distinctive Assets HollyWOOF A-List Doggie Gift Bags were given to 25 stars including Oprah, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.


The baskets contain every dog lovers dream:
* Pet carriers from ZÜCA
* Pet air beds from Gertie Gear
* Engraved silver pet identification tags from BlingBling4Pets.com
* Cashmere blankets from SwaddleDesigns
* Dog bowls and toys from Petprojekt™
* Book (Speaking for Spot) and veterinary health consult from Trafalgar Square Books
* Port-A-Poo dog waste carrier from Mind, Body & Paw
* Grrr-nola All Natural Hearth Healthy Dog Food from All American Pet Brands
* Dog supplements from BiologicVET
* PuppyMillsBite t-shirt from The Fleas Knees
* Spill proof travel bowl from FlyDog
* Dog exerciser from Springer America
* Cape coat and custom dress from Green Dog Designs
* Wellness treats from WellPet
* Natural rope leads and collars from Found My Animal
* Cat litter from World’s Best Cat Litter (for those celebs who also have cats)
* Organic gourmet dog treats from NatureNosh
* Wet or dry meals with designer dog plates from Purina Chef Michael’s
* Petropics natural canned dog food
* Essential oil scented potpourri rocks and vacuum beads from De Lea’
* Canine-inspired eco-chic shopping buddy from Giacini Atelier
* Breed-specific specially-formulated dog food from Royal Canin USA
* Dog treats from Whole Life Pet Products
* Natural Paws pet paw relief sprays
* Collapsible containers for pets from Popware
* Biscuit treats and doggie dental care from Hartz
* Homemade natural dog food from Cleo & Patra Canine Cuisine
* Pet First Aid Kit, travel and Pet Passport from Wag’N Pet Safety Gear
* Gourmet treats for dogs and cats from GiggyBites Bakery & Marketplace
* Dog waste bags from Flush Puppies
* PET-TABS vitamin-mineral supplements
* All- natural and certified organic pet wellness supplements from Harrisons’ Pet Products
* Super fresh dog shampoo, natural balance conditioning shampoo, safe and sure eye wipes, and easy ear wipes from TrueBlue Pet Products
* Dog harness from Buddy Belts
* Animal magazine from FIDO Friendly Magazine
* Gift certificate for 50% off for a luxury indoor pet home from Adorable Abodes
* All natural glycerin moisturizing soap bars from Chakra Dog
* Alpaca/merino/bamboo/wool sweaters and blankets from Roving Woolens, LLC
* Pawpass from Check Your Paws, Inc
* Professional dog studio photography package from Otis & Lucy Photography
* Dog Duvets and Stuff Sacks from Molly Mutt
* Caprice Renae’s handmade cuffs with rosettes and gems (for every owners wrist!)
* Matching Tutu dog collars and sets for daughters from Tutu Couture
* A lifetime membership to the pet recovery service The Pet Protector
* WaterDog® The automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain
* Annual subscription, magazine and tote bag from Modern Dog
* Blankets and gift certificate from Puppy Hugger
* Be Smart Ride Safe with Bark Buckle Up Safety Kit

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12 years ago

These are great! I especially love the Pet First Aid Kit, travel and Pet Passport from Wag’N Pet Safety Gear!

What a cool gift bag!

12 years ago

Wow- lucky them! Can i wake up tomorrow with amazing treats at my door as well?? Thanks for listing all these wonderful companies as my boyfriend was asking me this past weekend about a tool to use to bike with our dogs and now i can tell him to go fetch the dog exerciser from Springer America! :)

12 years ago

I love the Dog exerciser by Springer America and who doesn’t love Purina? It’s all my dog eats!This sounds like an awesome gift bag.

12 years ago

I tried so many different foods for my dog. It wasn’t easy finding something that worked well for him. He LOVES Purina Chef Michael’s dog food (esp. the fillet mignon!!!). Can’t get enough of it. He’s much happier and energetic now, and his coat looks much thicker too. Thanks Purina!!

12 years ago

so how can I get one of these for myself?? I have two dogs!

12 years ago

I heard about that SPEAKING FOR SPOT book on NPR yesterday…it was a really good interview! Wish I’d had a delivery like this for MY dog!

Jane Ekberg
Jane Ekberg
12 years ago

I heard the NPR Fresh Air piece by the author of SPEAKING FOR SPOT yesterday, too. It was so good. I’m getting a copy.

12 years ago

Wow – there are going to be some happy dogs and people – and some of my favorite things (but I sure would like all the rest). I take my Popware collapsible bowls everywhere. We read every issue of Fido Friendly and Modern Dog and think Dr. Nancy Kay’s book Speaking for Spot belongs in every dog household. Boon – where on NPR did you hear?

12 years ago

My friend just got us some of Natural Paws spray for my dog Sassy’s birthday, it’s awesome.

12 years ago

I see the Pawpass in there from Check Your Paws. We just received our Pawpass for our dog last week. It looks great on his collar and was very easy to use. I can’t wait to check out some of the other products listed here.

Bob Monk
12 years ago

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