Distinctive Assets 2009 Grammy gift lounge

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
By Abbey Khan

For the 10th consecutive year, Distinctive Assets hosted the official Grammy gifting suite. Nominees and presenters stopped by to pick up their much awaited goodies in between rehearsals before the big day. Just some of the talent making an appearance included Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kid Rock and Jennifer Hudson.

Most celebrities may not have been happy with the rainy weather, but after seeing the dav rain collection, they quickly changed their minds. They took home stylish rain boots, umbrellas, warm chenille socks and waterproof handbags. Teen sensations Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift chose the black Equestrian style while Jennifer Hudson opted for the animal print boots. Celebrities also picked up unisex tees that celebrate Hip-Hop and technology from Softwear by Microsoft, which was designed by one of their very own, musical artist, Common. For those who still hadn’t figured out what jewelry to wear to the awards, luckily Lorenzo Jewelry was on hand gifting specially designed onyx pendants for women and sterling silver and onyx cuff links for men. They also walked away with cool tees and hoodies from Affliction, Misis jewelry and designer sunglasses from the Los Angeles Solstice boutique.

Image courtesy of Judith Orr

Celebrities kept entertained in the Xbox 360 lounge where they played Rockband2 and sang along to their favorite songs with the new Lips game. Rihanna and Chris Brown enjoyed Rockband2 especially. She sat on his lap playing guitar while he played the drums. No doubt they’ll have fun playing these games at home too. And to top it off, Gibson Guitar gave out Joan Jett signature model guitars.

Image courtesy of Judith Orr

Janet Harris of the Skin Rejuvenation Center in Beverly Hills gave celebrities gift certificates valued at $2000 and her friend Robin McGraw’s new book, What’s Age Got To Do With It? CHI gave away a limited edition skull angel flat iron, Miss CHI perfume, and a candle to the women and the men received a clipper, CHI Man cologne and a candle. They also received J. Holly Reactivator, which uses peptides to help generate new skin,
NinapHarm soap, which has 20 herbs and minerals and can be used on the face and body, anti-aging supplemental pills from SanteAge, and Health Carbon Pure to help detoxify the body of impurities.

Image courtesy of Judith Orr

Since celebrities are big on going green, they were delighted to find out how to recycle their batteries and light bulbs and received other great environmentally friendly tips from Waste Management. Universal Botanicals gifted celebrities their Multi-Purpose, Bathroom & Tile, and Glass & Window cleaners which are so safe that they’re used in hospitals. NFL star Chester Pitts, who was on hand reporting for the Ellen DeGeneres show fell in love with the products that he will be converting to the all natural line. Who knew The Jonas Brothers were so into water. They were excited to see their favorite Spring water from H2O, which comes in a recyclable paper container, stating, ‘It’s the only water we want.’

Image courtesy of Judith Orr

Cigars aren’t just for men– just ask Katy Perry. She loved the hand-rolled Honduran cigars from Camacho so much that after she and her crew finished smoking the first box, she had to order more for the following day. Thanks to Gunnar Optiks, Taylor Swift won’t have to worry about straining her eyes anymore. She said, “I have so much homework; I use a computer all the time!”

Image courtesy of Judith Orr

And there’s more! In addition to picking up these goodies, they took home an exclusive gift bag that included products or services from Lionessa, Catdaddy, Christopher Michael Chocolates, Giacini Atelier, Lust & Gore Hardwear, ilike organic skin care, The Sports Club/LA, Altoids, VaVoom, Heelskinz, Dr. Fresh, Binaca, La Costa Resort & Spa, iFly Hollywood, LA Dodgers, YSL, NikiBiki, ideeli.com, SkinIT!, nekFIT, Addis English & Associates, Jennie & Vera’s Cookies, The Huntley Hotel, Corner Bakery Cafe, Amazon Thunder, Wheatware, FilterForGood, Johnny Rockets, KIWI, Discreet Chic, L’Essentiel, Lemon, Freehands Gloves, Glory For Girls, magicJack, EarthLust, Zico, Amazon Thunder and Lucy. All these were pre-packed in a cool Astro Gaming carry-on bag.

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Alicja Lombard
13 years ago

I would like to be able to place our product into the gift baskets for some of the events that you are involve in. What does it take? How much does it costs? What kind of PR do you provide?

Thank you for your consideration.
Alicja Lombard

Elly Hann
12 years ago

My company, Persimmon Scientific, makes beautiful, washable, ant-
microbial breast pads for nursing moms. Our field trial was outstanding. How can we participate in the “Distinctive Assets Gift Bag” program for next Grammy’s?

Elly Hann


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