My Own Worst Enemy

Monday, October 13, 2008
By Abbey Khan

If you ever thought you were your own worst enemy, well now you can relate to one man. Christian Slater stars in the new NBC show My Own Worst Enemy about a man with two very different lives. We caught up with Slater, his alter egos, and the rest of the cast at the premiere party to find out more!

Congratulations on the show, so tell us a little bit about your character(s)?

Christian Slater: I play two characters and they’re both very fun—Edward Albright and Henry Spivey. Henry is sort of an every man, got an office, two kids and a beautiful wife, and Edward is a highly trained operative.
FUSN: Which character do you prefer to play?
Christian Slater: I think initially I enjoyed the aspects of the espionage qualities of the Edward character but as they cast my family and they put that sort of nucleus together, I’m enjoying being Henry as well.

Saffron Burrows: I play a woman named Dr. Norah Skinner and she is quite something. We are part of a military intelligence unit, a kin to the CIA in certain ways and we (Alfre Woodard, James Cromwell and myself) are all operatives in the system. What you see about me in the first couple of episodes is not at all that is there– definitely the water runs deep. You meet me as Christian’s therapist as the civilian man and then his alter ego Edward has this very big relationship with me that we discover a little later on.
FUSN: Would you say that you’re a good person or a bad person?
Saffron Burrows: I’m a good person but I just do some bad things.

Bella Thorne: She’s Ruthy Spivey—she’s smart, sweet, precocious, she loves spying on her neighbors, she’s probably most like her dad. She loves her dad probably the most, but she loves her family, she’s really sweet.

Michael O’Malley: I play two characters on the show—Tom and Raymond. I’m Christian’s best friend in his suburban life and his partner and somewhat rival at work in his operative life. Tom is a suburban dad, plays fantasy football, the joker in the office and kind of a clown but good at his job. Raymond who works for the government agency is a real by the book soldier, somewhat sinister, has seen real dark things humans have done and has contributed to the dark things that humanity has done to other people.

Alfre Woodard: Her name is Mavis Heller and she is the head of Janis, that’s the covert operation that Christian’s characters Henry and Edward are my operatives for.

Madchen Amick: I play Christian’s wife Angie on the domestic side of his two personalities.

Any similarities between you and your character(s)?

Christian Slater: I think in certain aspects, but for the most part I would say that I’m down the middle between the two.

Saffron Burrows: (mischievous laugh) I’m suitably private and she’s got a lot of secrets which I do enjoy, some of them I have not found out yet.

Bella Thorne: Oh yeah! I love spying on my sisters.
FUSN: Did you learn anything from the show?
Bella Thorne: When you’re following somebody, do not stop when they stop, just go right ahead so they won’t notice you.

Besides “My Own Worst Enemy”, what other projects can we expect to see you in?

Christian Slater: This show is all consuming situation right now—it’s taking up all of my time.

Saffron Burrows: I just finished a film with Kevin Spacey called Shrink which is an ensemble shot and set in Los Angeles, a little like Crash where these characters come together— it’s very much about people from all walks of life in L.A. relating to this one therapist, which is Kevin Spacey’s character. I play a woman who goes to him for therapy and it’s kind of a darkly humorous film.

Bella Thorne: I also play Billy Baldwin’s daughter in Dirty, Sexy, Money. I have a few films coming out in 2009. One is with Cody Linley (Hannah Montana), The I Scream Man which I haven’t shot yet, Taxidermist, and One Wish.

Having done both tv and film, do you prefer one over the other?

Christian Slater: With movies, it’s a little different where you go to work and you end up sitting on the set for 3-5 hours a day and some months you don’t even work. In this particular scenario, it has been not a lot of time spent in the trailer, particularly playing two different characters. I respond to that kind of pace and that kind of energy and I enjoy it.

Saffron Burrows: It depends completely on the project.

Bella Thorne: That’s hard. It depends who you’re working with. I love both—they’re really great.

Alfre Woodard: I prefer wherever the good script is.

And of course we have to know what you’re wearing today?

Christian Slater: This is Tom Ford.
FUSN: You’re always such a snappy dresser, any style tips for all the men out there who need help?
Christian Slater: Oh thanks—I would say Tom Ford.

Saffron Burrows: This is Jenny Packham—she’s a British designer.

Bella Thorne: The shirt and skirt are Kaya E—they’re really good. This jacket is Guess and the shoes are Shooby Doo.

Alfre Woodard: The dress is Bianca Nero and Oprah gave me the earrings.

Madchen Amick: Zac Posen.

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John Kim
13 years ago

Never seen this show, but it seems interesting