Are You the Next Great Supermodel?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
By Abbey Khan


Who say’s 35 is too old to start modeling? Certainly not Wilhelmina. The top modeling agency and TV Land are joining forces to find The Next Great Supermodel who is 35 and over.


If you exude beauty, sophistication and confidence, then you absolutely must audition! Hope you’re not shy around tv cameras, the nationwide search will be documented in a six-part reality series, so you can still get your fifteen minutes of fame even if you don’t win.


The search has already begun, so visit to submit your application and pictures and to find regional audition sites and dates. Starting September 29th, the powers-that-be will attend regional auditions in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago to find the top 20 contenders. These aspiring models will then be whisked away to The Big Apple and live in a house together where they will compete until only one model is left standing. See all the drama unravel when the series premieres in Spring 2008.

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Rima Sovern
12 years ago

I am curious if your looking for the perfect figure or do ladies like myself who may not have the perfect figure have a chance, due to being photogenic for print and ads with a great energetic personality. Sincerely, Rima