Eco-Chic Style

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
By Abbey Khan


The Clothes


Stay cool and dry in this 100% organic lightweight jersey cotton dress from Stewart + Brown. The double layered, gathered v-neck bodice is seamed into pleats that unfold throughout the body creating the perfect shape and flow. Gather pleat dress,, $136.


The new Freedom of Choice Earthy Friendly Jean collection is made from hand-picked organic cotton and does not use chemicals in the wash process. It has quickly become a favorite of top celebrities that includes Eva Longoria, Jessica Biel and Nelly Furtado., $148.


Made of bamboo and spandex, this is no ordinary tank top. The long and lean cut and metal trim adds shape and glamour. The Battalion Charlotte top,, $56.


Keds has teamed up with the non-profit charity, Artists for Humanity, to create eco-friendly sneakers that express concerns about the environmental impact of bottled water consumption. Each shoe is made of 100% Organic uppers, 25% Recycled uppers, 25% Recycled rubber outsole, and water based printing inks. Keds is giving back by donating $1 from each sale to Artists for Humanity. Keds Artists for Humanity Slip On,, $50.


Coining the term Eco-fashion, Under the Canopy uses organic fibers and blends such as organic denim, organic cotton angora and soy to create comfortable and stylish clothing. Madeline organic linen jacket,, $158.

The Accessories


No girl is fully dressed without a little bling! Conscience Collection by Gary Ptak only uses lab-grown stones and recycled metals to make necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets., Rings start at $2,200.


Tote around in style with this eco-chic bag by designer CC Skye. It’s made of biodegradable canvas with hand-braided leather and 18k gold plated detail. Harper Eco Tote, Available at Kitson, 310.289.4975, $250.


The Nozizwe Original Hat is not only cool but it gets extra points for using recycled rice bags and recycled silk lining., $60.


Even rainy days seem sunny with the Brelli umbrella. It is made from certified bioplastic on a renewable bamboo frame and the patented design has a unique chemical composition that allows it to completely degrade in 1-2 years unlike conventional umbrellas which take hundreds of years to break down. Even better, the energy released during the degrading process can be used to generate electricity., $28-$38.

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