NYFW Spring 2015: Beauty trends

Monday, September 15, 2014
By Abbey Khan


Ann Yee’s collection was inspired by New York City’s unstable weather patterns, especially between late winter and early spring. With this knowledge, Aveda Guest Artist Jon Reyman created a messy wavy full ponytail. “The super straight top that develops into rapid waves speaks to Yee’s vision of that time of year when an urban dweller is
suddenly faced with a storm that can be forceful, moody and exhilarating,” he said.

nyfw spring 2015 hair beauty trends

1. He created a strong side part on the left side of the head and then divided hair into a left, right, and back section.
2. Reyman prepped the sections with Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight and blow-dried, directing hair away from face. This adds the straightness needed in the front.
3. Once straight, he misted hair with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. Working horizontally from one side, he wrapped sections of hair around large U-pins in a figure-8 pattern. He then secured each with a small clip.
4. He then held each secure clipped section with a flat iron for 10 seconds to set shape.
5. Once cool, he gently released the pins and brushed out hair with an Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush.
6. Work Light Elements Texturizing Creme into the waves with hands carefully maintaining definition, while also
smoothing down the top of hair at the crown.
7. Reyman then pulled the sides of the hair back to a meeting point that is just left of the center, and then secured sections with a clear elastic.
8. He took the bottom section of hair at the nape and wrapped it around the elastic and secured with a pin.
9. Finally, he finished by misting the hair with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.


Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jamie Greenberg, said the look is a collaboration of tonality and defined lines. “I used a neutral palette to create a sleek finish that compliments the soft, romantic feel of the collection,” she said.

nyfw spring 2015 makeup dennis basso

1. First, she used a foundation brush to apply Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation all over the skin.
2. Then she moved onto the eyes and applied Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Latte using the #2 shade all over the lid.
3. She followed with a wash of the #3 shade on top.
4. Greenberg then applied the #4 shade in the crease, drawing a line from the inner corner and blending outwards.
5. Then she lined the upper and lower lash lines with Avon SuperShock Gel Eye Liner in Blackout.
6. After applying false lashes to the top lash line, she liberally applied Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara in Blackest Black to top and bottom lashes.
7. She gave cheeks some definition by using Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer in a darker shade than the skin.
8. She finished the look by applying Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Naturally Nude to lips.


“The focus of this look is on the inner corner of the eye. The rest of the makeup is matte and echoes the Saharan themes of the collection,” said Lauren Andersen, Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist.

nyfw spring 2015 makeup beauty trends nicholas k

1. She started by applying Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation to the skin with a foundation brush.
2. Then she applied a wash of Avon Glow Bronzing Powder across the eyelid. She followed this by applying a darker shade of the Avon Glow Bronzing Powder through the crease.
3. Anderson then lined the upper and lower lash lines with Avon Supershock Gel Eye Liner, creating a downward point at the inner corner and extending out into a wing at the outer corner.
4. Next, she traced the line with Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eyeliner.
5. She used Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara in Blackest Black on the bottom lashes and inner corner of the top lashes.
6. She finished off the eye area by filling in the brows with Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer.
7. Moving onto the cheeks, Anderson used Avon Glow Bronzing Powder to contour the cheeks and the hairline.
8. Finally, she applied Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Caramel Comfort to the lips and added powder or bronzer to mattify.


According to Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri, “This is the bun of that cool girl who just happened to easily twist her hair up and off of her face. It has natural pieces poking out so not too perfect.”

nyfw spring 2015 hair beauty trends novis

1. First, he spritz hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep to give volume and thickness, which would prepare the
hair to hold the finished style.
2. He blow-dried hair straight to help expand the volume while also creating sleekness.
3. Then he added a light mist of Brilliant Spray-On Shine for a touch of sheen.
4. Rizzieri then created a solid center part before pulling hair tightly back into a ponytail that rested just above the nape of the neck, but below the center of the head.
5. He firmly secured with a bungee cord elastic.
6. Next, he took two sections from the ponytail and began to strongly knot the sections tightly, doing this continuously until he reached the end of the ponytail.
7. Then he coiled the knotted sections up into the base of the ponytail letting random pieces poke out for a sculptured look and added detail.
8. He secured the knotted bun with pins until it was tight to the head.
9. He finished by applying Air Control Hair Spray onto a small bristled brush and gently used on the top of the head toward the bun to smooth flyaways.

Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup created a face that was subdued and elegant. “The look is really beautiful and fresh, but not so girly; it’s much more lady like and grown up.”

nyfw spring 2015 makeup beauty trends novis

1. She created a dewy appearance by moisturizing the face with Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme.
2. Then she evened out skin by applying Inner Light Mineral Loose Powder in the shade closest to the skin tone.
3. Geason groomed brows by brushing up and over, then set with a coat of Mosscara in Earth.
4. She then applied Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Azalea from the lid to the brow bone.
5. Then she applied Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Winter Lilac to the outer edges of the top lids.
6. She finished by using Mosscara in Earth on the upper and lower lashes.
7. She contoured the cheeks with Uruku Bronzer in Amazonia.
8. Moving onto the lips, Geason blocked out the natural lip color by coating the lips with Inner Light Concealer in a color closest to the skin tone.
9. Using a fresh lip applicator, she dabbed the lips with Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Pink Hibiscus.


Makeup artist Gucci Westman was inspired by some of the more graphic prints in the collection to create a very pretty look on models at the Oscar de la Renta show. “It’s all about gorgeous, effortless beauty,” she stated.

nyfw spring 2015 makeup beauty oscar de la renta

1. She first prepped skin with Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.
2. Next, she used Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint for a luminous complexion.
3. Westman applied Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer to hide dark circles or imperfections.
4. Moving onto the cheeks, she created a seamless, soft-focus glow using the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.
5. She lightly contoured with Radiant Light, a sun-kissed golden beige.
6. Then she applied Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat, a vibrant poppy shade, to the apples of the cheeks. 7. She finished the cheeks by highlighting with Incandescent Light, a pearlescent shade.
8. Next, she sculpted brows with Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.
9. Then she applied Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner along the upper lash line, flicking the liner up and out.
10. She repeated the application to create a thicker line.
11. Over that, she used Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner to enhance the black tone.
12. Then she applied two to three coats of Hourglass Film Noir Mascara on the top lashes.
13. She prepped lips with Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil and let it sink in for a few minutes.
14. Then she applied Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lipstick in Empress, a deep aubergine shade, and used her fingers to diffuse the color.
15. Then she used the treatment oil again for a subtle sheen.


“The hair, like the collection, is based on art, the human body, and nature, which really speaks to the heart of Aveda,” said Aveda Creative Global Director Antoinette Beenders.

new york fashion week spring 2015 hair trend osklen

1. Starting with clean hair, she misted hair from roots to ends with Pure Abundance Style Prep for volume and grip.
2. Once spritz, she blow-dried hair straight.
3. She created a strong center part and then sectioned hair in thirds, clipping the front sections forward to focus on the back. She lightly misted the back section with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.
4. Taking a thin layer of the back section, she clamped a one inch section of hair, just at the nape of the neck, with a crimping iron.
5. Beenders repeated Step 4 on two more layers in the same area to create a textured section of volume. Then she teased the crimped section with a comb for more bulk.
6. Letting two front sections of the hair hang loose, she draped the remaining sections loosely over the textured
bump to hide the teased area, creating a sculptured effect, and then secured it with an elastic band for a loose ponytail.
7. Then she placed the Osklen flower necklace accessory around the back of the neck over hair.
8. She teased the ponytail gently for added texture.
9. Lastly, she set the look with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.


At Richard Chai, Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri created a wet/dry look, as if the models “had just hopped out of the shower, ran her fingers through her hair and the hair started dry.”

nyfw spring 2015 hair beauty trends richard chai

1. He brushed hair with an Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush.
2. Then he prepped hair with Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight to add straightness throughout.
3. For curly and wavy hair, he used a blow dryer and round brush to pull hair out and straighten down in a loose, gentle motion to create a loosely straightened style.
4. Once straight, he began to mist hair with Pure Abundance Style Prep, slowly saturating hair to create a
slightly wet appearance and adding a bend throughout the length of the hair.
5. Rizzieri created a solid center down the middle of the hair and worked the top sides toward the back while misting, pulling the top sections behind the ears.
6. He once again applied Pure Abundance Style Prep while tousling the hair with the hands, and adding slight bends and waves for subtle texture.
7. He set the look with a spray of Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.


Hairstylist Odile Gilbert gave hair an effortless natural look that is slightly messy yet refined at the Rodarte fashion show.

nyfw spring 2015 hair beauty trends rodarte

1. She washed hair with Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Odile used different stylers on each girl depending on what worked best with their hair types.
–Frizzy-haired models were prepped with Frizz Ease Straight Fixation to soften, moisturize, and keep hair frizz-free after heat styling.
–She applied Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse from root to tip on those with wavy and curly hair.
–She worked Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion through the roots to add extra lift on models with fine hair.
3. After applying stylers, she lightly blow-dried hair, resulting in a slightly messy yet refined look.
4. She collaborated with each model and parted her hair in a way that reflected her individual style.
5. She finished the look by spritzing Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray for a touchable, flexible hold.


Lead Hairstylist Tammy Mixon created a “Spring Fling” look which included a low ponytail that was textured, light and airy. “I designed this hairstyle to allow the dresses by Sherri Hill to stand out,” she said. “Since it is her Spring/Summer Collection, I wanted a look that would be universal but fresh looking.”


1. She created a side diagonal part.
2. Starting at the top crown, she took 1” sections and sprayed with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Flexible Hair Spray.
3. Mixon then used the CHI Miss Universe 1 1/4″ Curling Iron to curl the section at the base leaving the ends free about 2 inches. She held it for a few seconds, then clipped it.
4. She continued curling the back and sides in the same manner while spraying each section with the CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Flexible Hair Spray.
5. At the top, she sectioned the hair following the same diagonal part and continued to curl the hair as above.
6. After the hair cooled down, she removed the pins and brushed the curls.
7. Using her fingers, she lifted multiple sections throughout the head spraying each one with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Restage Dry Shampoo for texture. As she sprayed each section, she shook it lightly to help it dry and create a light airy look.
8. At the back of the head, she parted off a triangle section from the crown to the nape. She back-brushed this section loosely and allowed the hair to fall naturally.
9. Leaving this triangle section free, she gently back-brushed the top and sides for volume, smoothing the surface with her fingers, allowing any shorter sections to cascade around the face naturally.
10. With her fingers, she combed the hair back, including the sides and created a low ponytail. The key to this style is to keep the triangle section out of the ponytail. Leaving this free adds length and fullness to the ponytail. While styling, also make sure to keep the volume, texture and fullness.
11. Mixon secured the ponytail with a rubber band.
12. To hide the elastic tie, she took a small section from underneath and wrapped it around to cover.
13. Then she sprayed it with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray.
14. She back-brushed the triangle section from underneath and also back-brushed the ponytail blending the two together for fullness.
15. Finally, she arranged pieces and sprayed with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray.


Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri was inspired by the collection’s Japanese aesthetic and Peruvian craft work when creating the low straight ponytails, by adding a bit of an edge. He said, “The bungee elastic allowed for a cool placement to keep the hair off the face, while the addition of the ridges midway down the hair added an element of interest setting the look apart from a traditional straight look.

nyfw spring 2015 hair beauty trends tibi

1. First, he applied a thin layer of Pure Abundance Style Prep to give the hair volume and grip.
2. Once fully spritzed, he used a blow dryer to dry the hair straight, not allowing for any bends in the hair.
3. He lightly misted hair from roots to ends with Air Control Hair Spray.
4. Then he used a flat iron on small sections to make hair stick straight.
5. Once done, he set it with Air Control Hair Spray.
6. Starting on the left side of the head, he lifted a section of hair out of the way to back-comb the underneath side section that rested just behind the ear. The teased section served as the anchor for the bungee cord hair tie.
7. He repeated Step 6 on the right side.
8. Beginning on the left side of the head, he hooked the bungee cord hair tie into place and pulled to the right side, securing in the teased sections of hair.
9. He set with Air Control Hair Spray.
10. Using a flat iron, he took a top section of hair midway down between the ear and bottom of hair ends and gripped the hair with the iron. Then he slightly flipped the iron up to make a small ridge. He followed by creating another ridge, just below, in the opposite direction.
11. Rizzieri applied 5 drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil to gently set the top of the hair to give hair shine.

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