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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
By Abbey Khan


Paige Adams-Geller, a former top fit model and the owner behind the famous Paige Premium Denim line whose clientele includes leading ladies Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock, and Sharon Stone has teamed up with fitness and lifestyle expert Ashley Borden to bring women everywhere the new book for dressing their very best Your Perfect Fit.


Ask the salespeople for help if you can’t find the right pair of pants. Try to walk into the store knowing your waist and hip dimensions, it will save time and help you look better.

Make sure there isn’t too much Lycra (more than 2%), otherwise the texture can be get spongy and won’t hold you up at all. If there isn’t ample cotton (at least 98%), then there won’t be enough structure to hold you up.

Look for heavier denim. Thicker, tighter weave sucks and holds you in, masking any ripples. Don’t be fooled by magic fixes such as “anti-cellulite jeans” that claim to reduce cellulite the longer you wear them. If that were true, we’d eat, sleep and shower in them!

Choose the right type of zipper for your body type. Button-fly zippers accentuate hips; narrower hips can get away with side and back zippers, but make sure you still maintain your curves; and opt for a zip fly for a flatter front.

Pair a belted sweater with skinny jeans for maximum butt-shaping. Try tucking skinny jeans into boots and pairing them with a long tunic or blazer to balance out your proportions.

When wearing skirts that are knee-length and lower, make sure to wear high-heeled boots in the same color– the monochromatic look adds length and is a nice alternative to pants.

Try not to wear a button-down shirt that ends above your elbow, unless it has a slightly puffed sleeve. If the shorter sleeve is too straight, it can make you look a little dowdy and frumpy.


Wear beautiful rings and bracelets to bring more focus to your hands and wrists. Pile on bangels and wear attention-getting jewelry but avoid tight arm cuffs if you have thicker arms.

Buy a dazzling long necklace that falls into your cleavage area. Collared chokers bring the focus back up to your neck and face as does anything glitzy and sparkly around your face such as earrings or hair accessories. Even a dash of bright red lipstick can do the trick!

As you get ready for summer, try to avoid bikinis that don‘t have enough support. Look for underwire support if you have larger breasts while triangular tops are better for smaller breasts. Also, your bikini top and bottom don’t have to be identical. Wearing a solid color on the bottom with a print on the top draws the eye upward and away from your belly.

Your Perfect Fit is available for $16.95 at bookstores or learn more at

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