Fashion Fixers

Saturday, March 01, 2008
By Abbey Khan

Save yourself and your wardrobe from embarrassing moments and mishaps with these must-have fashion fixers.


Now you don’t ever have to suffer from nipple leakage thanks to the new Bali Concealers collection. These bras have concealing petals built into the cup so you can toss your old inserts and wear your favorite tees without dying from embarrassment. Available at department stores, $32-$34.


Keep your high heels looking fabulous with Smart Heel. They stop damage to high heels caused from sidewalk cracks, car mats, cobblestones, escalators, subway grates, lawns, bar stools, and curbs. Choose from clear or black so your shoes never look mismatched., $11.95.


Look like you lost ten pounds without ever hitting the gym with Spanx. Flatten your tummy, give your behind a lift or just look slimmer – no one will ever know unless you tell them. Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Panty with Thong Back,, $42-$46.


With rain season in full swing, you’ll need to protect your favorite pieces. Just spritz some Jig-A-Loo onto raincoats, and leather boots and jackets to keep them in mint condition. This multi-tasking lubricant even protects polyester and cotton fabrics, and can be used around the house to stop squeaks, unstick just about anything, and protects against rust. Available at Home Depot, $6.50.


Not blessed with broad shoulders, but don’t want to look like a linebacker, then get some Kathleen Kirkwood shoulder pads. Whether you’re wearing boat neck, wide neck, a dress or t-shirt, you’ll get the perfect shape you’ve always desired. Micro Edge shoulder pads,, $15.

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