Ke$ha previews second watch collaboration with Baby-G

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
By Abbey Khan

Singing pop sensation Ke$ha showed off her latest collaboration with the Baby-G brand of women’s watches from Casio at last night’s press conference at the SLS Hotel. The limited edition watch will launch in December to coincide with the release of her second studio album, Warrior, which will be out on December 4th.

Thanks to the successful launch of the 2011 Ke$ha watch collection, Baby-G was excited to work with the singer again. “Just like music, fashion is a form of expression. And as you might have been able to tell, I’m all about expressing myself,” Ke$ha said. “Having a good time with your style is so important, and that’s why I’m thrilled with the design of my new go-to accessory with Baby-G!”

With Halloween just one day away, everyone wanted to know what costume Ke$ha will be wearing. “Honestly, my assistant sometimes, when I’m sad, dresses like a giant penis, so I haven’t really had time to go shopping for a costume, so I think I’m just going to be a giant penis, and I’m going to make her be me, so she’s going to be running around the house singing and I’m going to be running around in a giant penis suit.”

In Ke$ha’s young career, she has already collaborated with many great artists, but the singer she would like to most work with, or rather write a song for is Beyonce. “When I write a song I like to pretend to be them and really get in their head. I want to write a song for Beyonce because it would be amazing to just try to get into Beyonce’s head for just a bit.”

To everyone’s surprise, Ke$ha revealed that her biggest splurge was on her bed. “I have the biggest bed in the world. I have comfortably fit The Flaming Lips, my cousin, my friend, and my cat.” And when asked what the perfect outfit to wear with her new Baby-G watch, she replied in true Ke$ha form, “It looks really good when you’re naked.”

After the press conference, VIP’s were treated to a private concert by Ke$ha presented by Casio at the El-Rey Theatre. The singer performed six songs including the one that made her famous, TiK ToK, and her latest single Die Young. During the show, Ke$ha did a cartwheel, and for one song, she previewed her Halloween costume with two performers dressed up as giant penises.

In addition to this collaboration, Ke$ha and Casio have teamed up to support the Humane Society International, an organization that helps to end cruelty to animals worldwide. Ke$ha’s love of animals has led her to become the first Global Ambassador of HSI to which Casio has donated funds.

The Ke$ha + Baby-G limited edition watch will be available for purchase this December at Tourneau, Nordstrom, select Macy’s stores and fashion boutiques for $130. You can also visit to view their other collections.

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