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Thursday, August 14, 2014
By Abbey Khan

In this exclusive interview, Academy Award nominee, Kathleen Quinlan, talks about her new film AFTER from first-time director and writer, Pieter Gaspersz and Sabrina Gennarino. In the film, Quinlan plays the loving yet sometimes harsh mother, Nora Valentino, who is part of a deep family secret, that will destroy them, if it gets out.

FUSHION: Kathleen, I think a lot of actresses who have such an extensive resume, as you do, would turn their nose up at working with a first time director on an independent film, but you didn’t. Obviously, you made the right choice taking on the role of Nora, so what convinced you to do this film?
KATHLEEN: It was really Sabrina Gennarino’s writing and I thought it was a really good story and the characters were really flushed out, especially the character of Nora, it gave me a chance to play something. And truthfully, unless you’re working on a megafilm, a lot of these directors are first time directors, so you just have to jump in and hope for the best.

FUSHION: The flower scene was really powerful, how she reacted really got to me.
KATHLEEN: It triggered something in her. She had fractured off in her mind and disassociated in a certain way. The flower was something back in her subconscious that she didn’t really know. But now that, I’m not in it, it’s about the fragility of life to me.

FUSHION: In the film, you say to your huband, “The only thing they’re left with are the memories we make when we’re here. So you have to decide what memories you want to leave them with.” Do you have any memories that are special to you that you hope your kids will also cherish?
KATHLEEN: It’s really just about hanging out together and cooking meals, much like in the film, but not in the way where everybody is talking about the elephant in the room. We really talk and we really communicate so I would just love them to remember that we were really there for them, that even when things are really painful that we can still have fun, and that’s just part of life. My boys are really wonderful boys and when they started getting out in the world they were going, “Oh my God, we had no idea that other families don’t talk like this,” so that was very rewarding.

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FUSHION: Some of the stuff you say in the film to your daughter is insulting.
KATHLEEN: Uh, it’s awful.
FUSHION: Like when you said, “Dinner’s at 10. I made you some steamed veggies,” you were referring to your daughter’s weight. This is something a man can say to his girlfriend or wife, how do you think a woman should handle this kind of comment in real life?
KATHLEEN: First of all, I would question who you were with, if they’re trying to manipulate with how you look on the outside and if they’re not more concerned with who you are on the inside, then I would question your choice. I had a mother who at times would do things like this character Nora and it was because she came from a society that everything had to look good on the outside because it was a reflection of her somehow, which I never really understood, but if you’re coming from that place, I guess that’s what you do. I get very sad to see these young girls that are thinking about plastic surgery and botox at such a young age. I’m like you so have to work on the inside first and then when you get older, you can play with that stuff. And there’s no such thing as perfection, and if you’re with a guy who thinks you need to be perfect, then you need to lose the guy.
FUSHION: Good advice!

FUSHION: You’re always so busy, so what other tv or film projects can we expect to see you in?
KATHLEEN: I did a film in Missouri not too long ago called Addicted. It’s about society’s addiction for taking a pill for everything now. I understand financially how the pharmaceutical companies buy the time on television, but you just go, there’s a medication for everything now, and I’m not anti-medication at all, but it’s like a drug dealer, it’s like a high-rent drug dealer is on the television all the time, I can’t believe it. And there’s another film called Horns with Daniel Radcliffe.
FUSHION: I can’t believe how much he’s grown up now.
KATHLEEN: Oh, he’s amazing. He’s such a dedicated actor. Whatever his fame is, that’s not what he’s into. He’s into working as an actor.

Read our exclusive interview with Sabrina Gennarino (Writer) and Peter Gaspersz (Director) about the making of After HERE!

AFTER also stars John Doman (“The Wire”), Pablo Schreiber (“Orange Is the New Black”) and Diane Neal (“Law & Order: SVU”). The film is currently available on Amazon Instant Video and playing in select theaters in New York City and Los Angeles. To find a theater near you, please visit AfterTheFilm.com.

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