Movie Review: Trust

Friday, April 01, 2011
By Abbey Khan


When 14-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) befriends a 16-year-old boy named Charlie through an online volleyball chat room, her parents Will (Clive Owen) and Lynn (Catherine Keener) think nothing of it. After communicating for several weeks, Annie finds herself developing romantic feelings for him, and agrees to meet him in person. Only Charlie is not who he claimed to be and takes advantage of Annie, causing her once perfect suburban life to crumble.

Recommendation: B+
Director David Schwimmer makes a powerful statement about internet safety with Trust. The film serves as an eye-opener for both parents and children regarding internet safety and is a good conversation starter about the risks involved with social media, chat rooms, and other networking sites.

Trust is a Millennium Entertainment film and opens in select theaters today Friday, April 1, 2011.

**See the trailer and watch our interview with David Schwimmer, Clive Owen and Liana Liberato HERE**

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