Eat Your Way to Younger Skin

Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Judith Orr


Executive Chef David Féau of the popular Café Pinot restaurant in downtown Los Angeles not only serves up delicious and sophisticated seafood dishes but he tells us what foods we should eat to look and feel young.


Avocado is very high in Vitamin E which gives glowing skin, shiny hair and helps fights wrinkles.

Berries are rich in Vitamin C which helps in proper blood circulation. They also provide minerals and salts to all the body parts which helps keep the body fit and fight against aging.

Dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and swiss charb help fight toxins so the body can remain disease free. They also help keep your weight down.

Almonds and other nuts may seem little, but they give you a great energy boost.

Most importantly, do not smoke. According to Feau, you can consume all of these, but if you smoke, it won’t make a difference.

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