The Girl’s Gadget Guide

Friday, October 12, 2007
By Abbey Khan


These gadgets are hot, fun, and just for the girls, but don’t be surprised if your guy tries to test-drive them for himself.

It’s fun, it’s fashionable, and it’s functional – it’s the new Baby-G Ana-Digi watch (BG82F) by Casio. With features that includes world time in 30 cities and a daily alarm, it’s perfect for world travelers and sleepyheads. The BG82F is also shock resistant for the clumsy or adventurous souls, water resistant up to 100 meters, has a stopwatch, countdown timer, and e-Data Memory which holds up to 30 records for internet access codes and other data such as city temperature information. Get it in pink, orange, white, green or brown. Available at select department stores, $89. WIN IT!


You’ll always look sleek with a classic black or shiny silver Canon PowerShot SD750 digital camera in your hands. Smaller than a deck of cards, this 7.1 megapixel camera has 3x optical zoom/4x digital zoom, a large 3″ LCD, and most importantly red eye correction because it’s just not natural. Available where cameras are sold, $349.99.


Get the headset you want and need! The Cardo Scala-700LX BT Bluetooth weighs less than half an ounce and is packed with so many great features. Switch the headset’s connection between two connected mobile phones with the simple touch of a button. Missed that important call, don’t worry, it stores the number of the last incoming call so you can automatically call them back. If your hands are tied up, you can still answer the call without ever pressing a button. It also has call waiting, call reject, conference calling, mute, redial and voice dial functions, and a high-end speaker., $64.99.


Enjoy music, videos, pictures, and even podcasts with the Zune 30GB mp3 player. It holds up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures and 100 hours of video. You can even listen to your favorite radio station with the built-in FM tuner or wirelessly share tracks with friends to discover new music on the go. Choose from millions of songs, albums, DRM-free (without digital rights management) MP3s, music videos, podcasts and more at the Zune Marketplace., $199.99.


It may be winter, but you still need your shades. After all, the sun doesn’t stop shining just because the temperature drops. Check out Oakley’s Nanowire line. Whether you’re driving or snowboarding, your eyes are protected thanks to its polarization technology, which blocks the glare-causing light waves from the sun., $300.


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