2014 Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
By Fushion Staff

holiday gift guide 2014 womens lingerie naja
Who: The Minimalist
Why: Hmmm, certainly she can find something to wear with one of these three colored thongs.
Where: Lola thong set, Naja.co, $40

holiday gift guide 2014 the woman I wanted to be diane von furstenburg book
Who: The Aspiring Entrepreneur
Why: She’ll be inspired both personally and professionally by famed fashion designer and entrepreneur Diane von Furstenburg’s new memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be.
Where: Available in bookstores, $26

holiday gifts for her 2014 strange invisible perfumes
Who: The Astrologist
Why: If she loves reading her horoscope and fragrances, then she’ll absolutely love these zodiac perfumes!
Where: Zodiac perfumes, SiPerfumes.com, $125

holiday gift guide 2014 women linen throw
Who: LinenMe
Why: Perfect for the season, give the couch a touch of plaid with this throw.
Where: Wool throw, LinenMe.com, $79.99

holiday gifts for her 2014 mini clutch speaker
Who: The Fashionable Musician
Why: Since fashion and music have always gone together, Stelle Audio decided to make it into one piece with this sparkling mini-clutch speaker.
Where: Stelle Audio mini clutch speaker, StelleAudio.com, $199

holiday gift guide 2014 women papergold
Who: The Investor
Why: Forget the usual gift card, show her how much you really value her with these gold bills.
Where: PaperGold.com, $100 for 10 bills /$50 for 5 bills

holiday gifts for her 2014 farmbox direct organic food
Who: The Organic Chef
Why: Farmbox Direct saves her weekly shopping trips to the supermarket so she can focus on new healthy and delicious recipes!
Where: FarmboxDirect.com, Boxes start at $36.95

holiday gift guide 2014 womens nutribulletrx blender extractor
Who: The Smoothie Girl
Why: Once the holidays are over, she will be thanking you for getting her the NutriBullet RX extractor, so she can make all those delicious and healthy smoothies. Not that she has to stop there, she can also make soup to keep her warm when her significant other isn’t around.
Where: NutriBulletRX.com, $199.95 or 5 payments of $39.95

holiday gift guide 2014 women harris tweed laptop bag
Who: The Classic Businesswoman
Why: For the lady who means business, this tweed laptop bag will make her look like the ultimate professional
Where: Harris Tweed Bag, GriffinTechnology.com, $249

holiday gifts for her 2014 karaoke machine singing
Who: The Karaoke Queen
Why: She’ll be the life of the party and show off her vocal skills as she sings along to some of her favorite tunes with this karaoke machine.
Where: SingingMachine.com, $79.99

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