Jackie Warner Works Out Our Age Issues

Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Abbey Khan

Jackie Warner, America’s favorite fitness guru and star of the hit Bravo reality series Work Out, takes a break from filming and training her celebrity clients that includes Anne Hathaway and Paul McCartney to share her anti-aging workout tips.

FUSN: After a certain age, what types of exercises should women do to keep fit, healthy and young?
JW: The most important thing people after a certain age have to realize is that the things they feel they should avoid such as resistance training is exactly the thing they need the most for their body. We need weight bearing exercises to increase bone density, tendons, strengthening, and connective tissue strengthening.

FUSN: So what areas should women concentrate on?
JW: They need to do a combination of upper body and lower body workout which includes the chest, quads, back, glute or butt, hamstring, and abs. Let’s go through each:
Hamstring– use lying down hamstring curl.
Glute– use a light press putting pressure on your heels and not your toes.
Quads– do leg extensions, which are very healthy for your knees if done slowly.
Chest– a chest press using free weights in combination with modified push-ups, which are push-ups on your knees.
Back– do pull downs or use Smith machine, which has the bars or you can sit down and do pull-ups lifting your body weight.
Abdominal– you don’t want to do a lot of fast crunches, but you really want to feel the burn, so I like to start out in plank position, which is an excellent yoga move for tightening the whole core region. We warm up by doing that and then we do some very methodical combination of crunches and bicycles.

FUSN: Wow, this sounds like it can take all day, but in all seriousness, how often should women work out?
They should do this 3 times a week for 40 minutes a day. Cardiovascular workout is not as important as the resistance training after a certain age. They can do 20 minutes of cardio and then say 40 minutes of resistance training and do that 3 days a week like Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

FUSN: What body parts really start to go after a certain age?
JW: Butts and abs. Butts just start dropping and it has more to do with your skin elasticity breaking down than it does muscle definition. What happens is that the saran wrap that was tightly holding our fat tissue starts breaking down making the fat more apparent and unsightly. This is called subcutaneous fat, which is the fat layer underneath your skin, and not to be confused with cellulite. This becomes really apparent after the age of 40 and the way to battle it is through resistance training where you’re tightening the muscle or increasing muscle density to speed up metabolism, which turns you into a fat burning machine.

FUSN: Okay, now that we know what to do, when can we start seeing results?
JW: It depends on if you’re going to the gym and working to intensity. If you’re working to intensity, then you’re sweating and feeling sore the next 2 days, then you should see a difference in a couple of weeks.

FUSN: Let’s talk about the “c” word– cellulite. Is there any help for us or are we forever doomed?
JW: The only thing that can be done for cellulite is fat shrinkage. The more your skin breaks down the more cellulite is apparent and that has nothing to do with working out except for the less fat you have the less cellulite you have. For instance, I have a 25 year-old client who has cellulite and it’s a predisposition because her mother has it and because she has thin skin. The thinner your skin the more apparent that subcutaneous fat is, so to battle that we work her leg muscles and the big muscle groups I mentioned earlier because that helps her lose more fat. She’ll never get rid of cellulite fully but she’ll have heck of a lot less as she’s toned up.

FUSN: Okay, but all women have or will have cellulite, so what does a naturally thin person do?
JW: There’s not much you can do because you’re genetically predisposed. It’s just like if you’re 5’2″ and built like a brick and they come in and say that they want my body and I would say, “Well, you’ll have to stretch about 5 more inches and you have to have a whole other genetic body type.” So what I tell people is that we’re going to decrease cellulite quite a bit, you may never get rid of it fully but you certainly can decrease it by working those core muscles and shrinking fat. Fat doesn’t go away, it only shrinks. You’re born with exactly as many fat cells that you’ll always have for the rest of your life. It’s actually genetically predisposed to you so let’s say I have 25 million fat cells. Each cell is like a little container that looks like a balloon under a microscope, so what happens is that the more you eat, the food is stored as fat in that little container and it gets bigger, so you have all these little fat balloons that shrink or get bigger depending on your lifestyle. We want it to shrink by eating healthier and working out because again nothing speeds up metabolism like resistance training. I burn 5,000 calories a day not because I’m magical it’s because I work out 4-5 days a week with weights.

FUSN: Any other anti-aging advice?
JW: Drink water! Water burns off 50-75 calories a day if you drink three liters. It is also the de-ager because it completely cleans up your skin, clears your eyes, and flushes your liver out so it doesn’t deliver toxins in your system, so you look a lot prettier with water. The best kind is distilled water.

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