Live Your Best Life Now!

Saturday, March 01, 2008
By Julie Wiegan

Live your best life now by following your dreams! According to wellness expert Susan Biali, MD, suppressing your deepest desires may be putting your health and life at risk. Speaking from experience, Dr. Biali was unhealthy and suffered from depression until she pursued her own dreams of becoming a flamenco dancer in Mexico. Here’s her prescription to a healthier new you:


Dare to ask yourself, honestly, “What would my dream life look like?”
Admit to yourself what you would really love to do with your life if you had no limits, and write out a description of that life. Buried and broken dreams may present themselves physically in a multitude of ways, including depression, fatigue, allergies, pain and stress-related illnesses.

Learn to listen to your body’s messages.
If you deny yourself and your dreams, your body will tell you: first as a whisper, then growing louder over time. Symptoms differ in different people: one person might get agonizing migraines, another neck pain, and someone else might simply lose their will to live. Start paying attention to what your body may be trying to tell you.

Take one simple step towards one item on your “Bucket List,” no matter how small.
Your dreams aren’t silly or impossible– they’re there for a reason. By taking one simple step towards a dream, by doing an online search, making a call, or walking into a travel agency, you open the door to miracles. You’ll meet just the right person, the money you need comes your way, or your doubting spouse suddenly becomes your biggest supporter. You’ll be astounded by what happens, just by taking one small step after another.

Dr. Biali has two nationally published columns Food For Thought which has to do with nutrition and Living Well which is about life balance. Look for her upcoming book From Your Cells to Your Soul: A Prescription for Your Best Life or log onto her website for more information.

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