Shoe Away Your Diet

Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Abbey Khan

Part diet, part motivation, The Shoe Diet is the perfect weight loss book for shoe lovers. Dr. Isabelle R. Shaw shows you how to shed the pounds realistically by “taking small steps – in fabulous shoes!” She believes all women can lose weight by rewarding themselves for healthy behaviors, because they are most likely to repeat those behaviors. What better way to treat yourself than with a great pair of shoes.


So how do you start? Begin a food journal by tracking the time, types of food, and quantity and calories you eat, where you eat, your mood, and finally ask yourself if it was worth it. Where you eat is just as important as what you eat because you may just be filling yourself up if you’re at the mall or amusement park. Writing this down can help you realize that you’ve developed location-related habits. Paying attention to your mood will help you identify why you eat. Dr. Shaw recommends rating everything you eat on a scale of one to five with one being “not really worth it” to five being “it was so worth it!”

Visit for more information and to purchase your copy for $12.95.

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