Color at Home

Sunday, June 01, 2008
By Julie Wiegan


Give your walls some personality and say hasta la vista to boring white. Ready to take the leap, but not sure which way to go, then turn to Color at Home by Echo Design Group’s Meg and Steven Roberts. This book is filled with photographs of color-infused homes, explores the emotional territory mapped by each hue, and provides practical advice on topics such as coordinating colors with your home’s architectural style or historical period.

Echo Book

Here’s an excerpt from the book on what the color aqua can do for a room:

“Aqua is a divine cocktail. Color with a spirited kick. It can be as seductive as the sounds of salsa yet remarkably soft and gentle. Bleached to the color of sea glass, it conjures up visions of honeymoons and slow-motion swimming in jewel-like seas. Equally at home in a nursery as in a formal living room, aqua leads a double life. For a tropical feel, mix it with fresh oranges, yellows, and fuchsias. Add a bit of black and white or sterling silver and it’s the essence of designer glamour. Deepen it to rich turquoise, peacock, or petrol and the color is more complex and unusual than its blue and green cousins. Aqua can create a room from an otherwise insignificant nook or kick a kitchen cupboard up a notch. Aqua stands up to the boldest furnishings and most eclectic artwork. Exhilarating and expected, a life lived in aqua is like bringing a Caribbean vacation, home.”

Echo Aqua Room

Color At Home is available at bookstores for $29.95.

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