Have the perfect bachelorette party and wedding

Friday, August 01, 2008
By Julie Wiegan


So what’s the most popular day to get married this year? You guessed it, it’s 8/8/08. According to comedienne and CEO of Bride’s Night Out, Pamela Yager, the number eight is highly favored in many spiritual and cultural traditions. “In the Chinese culture, the more eights involved in a couple’s life, the better chance for luck and wealth. In Russia, the 8/8/08 date is so highly prized that it is called the ‘Millionaire Mark’ day and one bride told me that people would pay a bribe to secure it for their wedding,“ says Yager.

Pamela Yager

Yager suggests the following party planning ideas to accentuate the fortuitousness of 8/8/08:

Produce a bachelorette party with eight (8) distinct elements (i.e. games, toasts).
Throw eight (8) co-ed pre-wedding parties for the bride and/or groom.
Schedule the bachelorette party for 8:08 p.m.
The hottest (and best socializing) table shape happens to be an octagon for eight (8).
Appoint eight (8) wedding attendants.
Set eight (8) diamonds in the wedding rings.
Set eight (8) crystals in your bachelorette party and bridal veils.
Arrange eight (8) featured flowers in each bouquet.
Ask eight (8) special wedding guest to make toasts.
Dance to an eight (8) piece band.
Give favors including eight pieces of chocolate and an 8/8/08 lottery ticket.

If you’re looking to set a wedding date for next year, why not try 9/9/09 and customize these great party planning tips with the number 9. .

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