Party Like a Rockstar

Thursday, May 01, 2008
By Abbey Khan

Believe it or not the Material Girl turns 50 this August! So we turned to celebrity event planner Rena Puebla who worked on Oprah’s 50th to come up with a young and hip birthday bash for the woman who defies age every day.


Location: The Beverly Hills Hotel or the historic Roosevelt Hotel
Theme: There will be 3 rooms covering the 3 decades of Madonna – 1980’s, 90’s and the present

The Bustier Room (1980’s)

The Entertainment
Guests are greeted by entertainers on stilts dressed in all white.
An MC and DJ spin Madonna’s top hits and her favorite 80’s music.
Guests can get a glimpse into their future with the stationed Gypsi fortune tellers.
Three to four flat plasma screens set in different corners of the room playing Madonna’s music and movies.

The Setting
There will be an illuminated large pink dance floor in the DJ area.
Plush pink carpets cover the room.
Walls and ceiling are draped in white, black and pink silk.
The ceiling is adorned with dripping of pearls and crystal disco balls that illuminate the entire room.
The room is infused with fuchsia and white lighting as well as outlines of Madonna.

The Tables
Three large candles sit on white pedestals of different heights.
There will be floral arrangements of 50 large white roses at the base of each pedestal.
Suede pink linen drapes to the floor with black lacquer chivari chairs.
Black lacquer place settings with beautiful silver flatware.
The stemware will include crystal glasses with elegant pearl wine rings.

Waitresses will be dressed in black bustier with cone shaped bras and pink leggings.
Tray passing will include the Madonna Like A Virgin signature drink – pink vodka martini.

Madonna’s Lounge (1990’s)

The Room
This (geisha) room will be decorated in sexual exotic taboo colors such as red and gold.
The carpet will be designed with Chinese patterns and red silk fabrics will hang from the ceiling to the floor.
There will be illuminated red amber and chocolate lighting.
Photographs of Madonna will be changed every 15 minutes in 9ft x 9ft ornate gold picture frames that are lined throughout the room.

The Furniture
Guests can relax on red suede couches with oversized sofas pillows and gold pillows.
Guests can enjoy a drink on red suede barstools at the gold bar tables.
Black lacquer Coffee tables and end tables with oversized lamps and lampshades also fill up the room.

The Appetizers
Waitresses are dressed in kimonos serving guests off a Japanese sushi cart a fresh assortment of sushi and sashi meat, teriyaki beef, and teriyaki chicken wrapped in lemongrass.

The Hollywood Glamour Room (2000’s)

The Staff
Guests will be greeted by Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes wearing pink gowns, long white satin gloves, and diamond necklaces.
The entire wait staff will be dressed in black tuxedos and white gloves. They will carry silver trays and serve Bad Girl Dirty Martini topped with green and red olives.

The Setting
The room will be covered in black high gloss 60ft x 60ft dance floor with Madonna’s name engraved on it.
The wall will be covered in white chiffon fabric and adorned with three tiered crystal chandeliers.

The Guest Table
Each guest table will have white tapestry linen flowing to the floor, surrounded by small crystal white votive candles, and silver parvet filled with exotic white orchids accented with loose fake 12 carat diamonds.
The chairs will be covered in white silk and accented with ostrich feathers.
Place settings will have crystal chargers with white China patterns designed by Tiffany & Company.
The Crystal stemware will include a woven pattern designed by Tiffany & Co. and white silk napkins will be adorned with crystal napkin ring holders embossed with Madonna’s 50th on it.

The Entertainment
Just like the 80’s room, there will be three to four flat plasma screens set in different corners of the room playing Madonna’s music and movies.
This room will also have a ballroom with a full stage for live performance by Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani and at midnight Prince will perform the Happy Birthday song.

The Menu

There will be food stations throughout the perimeter of all the rooms.
In the 80’s room, there will be a buffet in neon pink with molasses glazed tenderloin and sweet potatoes, and candy pecans topped with smoked bacon and applesauce.
There will also be a mashed potato bar with 8 toppings including Bourdeaux sauce, black forest mushrooms, sour cream, and beluga caviar.
A crystal stand with individual crystal skewers will have melon wraps with thin portland oregon smoked salmon sprinkled with marinated sweet chives.
There will be a tray pass of wonton, demitasse cup filled with eggplant and roasted red pepper soup topped with french white cream sauce, served with piece of sesame seed flatbread.
In the Present room, the menu will include:
Create your own decadence island of white and dark chocolate where guests can dip their favorite gourmet cookies, pretzels, and an assortment of fresh fruits.
A salad and vegetable display.
Cuban Chicken fricassee consisting of plumped chicken breasts sautéed with fresh parsley, garlic pepper, olive oil, fresh bay leaves, white wine, white vinegar with beautiful black plump large olives served over stew tomatoes and diced potatoes.
Cuban scalloped ceviche served in small crystal shot glasses.
Cuban barbecue beef ribs sautéed with paprika, oregano, brown sugar, dry mustard and parsley that has been slow cooked for hours.
A 9ft. ice sculpture of Madonna displayed in a cascade of fresh seafood with an arrangement of 5 different dipping sauces.
A 9ft. tier chocolate birthday cake dusted in edible gold with fresh raspberry filling that will be rolled out by pastry chef with the staff behind him with large sparklers. It will be presented at 12 midnight with a confetti silver blast as guests sing the Happy Birthday song.

The End

“Justify My Love” Gift Bags
These white gift bags with Madonna’s image in black and white will include her cd’s and books, gourmet Godiva chocolate wrapped in pink silk ribbon, and silver Tiffany picture frames that guests can put pictures of themselves with the birthday girl from a photo booth set up at the party.

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